As a B2B PR Agency, we know a thing or two about business advice. What many people don’t know is that there’s an abundance of free advice from industry-leading experts in the form of business podcasts.

Whether you’re a start-up owner, an aspiring individual, or trying to start out on your own, there is a podcast for you. Here are 10 of our favourite business and entrepreneurship podcasts for you to consider


Tim Ferris Show

Tim Ferris speaks with experts across a vast range of fields – including journalism, sports, filmmaking, business, science and many, many more – to bring listeners unique insights. He has a gift for finding broadly applicable life advice in these interviews, no matter how specialised the topic might originally seem.

We recommend it if:

  • You want some inspiration, perhaps from an unexpected source
  • You enjoy longer podcasts; some can be longer than two hours
  • You like variety when it comes to topics and spokespeople

And if you want to pitch the Tim Ferris Show:

You need to be a leader in your field, no matter what that field is. Tim interviews men and women who are at the top of their game, and if that sounds like you, reach out on Twitter or apply through his blog.


The Pitch

This podcast captures a genuine, high-stakes pitch – from real entrepreneurs to real investors – in podcast form. The show includes interviews, the pitch, and investor feedback, giving listeners a glimpse of life in the boardrooms of the venture capital world.

We recommend it if:

  • You want to know what it’s really like starting up a business
  • You like shorter podcasts – episodes are around 20-40 minutes long
  • You’re looking for insights into pitching investors successfully

And if you want to pitch… The Pitch:

You need to run an interesting business – they’ve covered entrepreneurs from fashion to dating apps to agriculture – and be seeking investment. If that’s you, reach out to the podcast’s editor, Blythe Terrell –



Since it began in 2014, Startup has been a hit podcast and racked up awards. It began covering the founding of the podcast company Gimlet Media (the network which includes The Pitch, among countless other hits). Since then, they’ve opened the doors to other start-ups to share their journeys in real time.

We recommend it if:

  • You want high production values and real-life business
  • You want something honest
  • You want personal stories about the stresses and joys of running a start-up

And if you want to pitch Startup:

Unfortunately, Startup are just starting their final season and aren’t soliciting guests. However, there’s a great episode backlog to binge if you want to hear an unvarnished story of what it’s like to start a business.



Another long-form interview podcast, foundr sets itself apart by focusing more narrowly on business. Nathan Chan speaks to the founders of companies like Warby Parker, Gymshark, and DuckDuckGo. His straightforward questions – like ‘how do I get more customers?’ and ‘where do I get started?’ – encourage business titans to offer practical advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

We recommend it if:

  • You’re curious about lessons other entrepreneurs can teach you
  • You want advice directly from successful businesspeople
  • You like interview-style podcasts

And if you want to pitch Foundr:

You need to reach out to Foundr Magazine first, since this podcast is a spinoff from the magazine. They’re looking for interesting founder stories and unique business journeys, and people who can offer their first-hand experience scaling a company. Check out their ‘Get Featured’ page for more.


Hack the Entrepreneur

If you’re searching for a show with advice for running a modern business, reskilling, or taking your business digital, HTE is the show for you. Jon Nastor guides you through relaxed yet focused interviews with a variety of guests to seek actionable advice for online businesses.

We recommend it if:

  • You’re looking for inspiration or motivation
  • You enjoy interview-style podcasts
  • You want to hear from a variety of entrepreneurs – from small business owners to multinational CEOs

And if you want to pitch Hack the Entrepreneur:

HTE is looking for interview subjects with experience running an online company. If that sounds like you, visit their contact page.


Entrepreneurs On Fire

EOF has a catalogue of over 2000 interviews with business leaders across countless industries, and they release a new episode every day. The podcast aims to help small business owners by providing meaningful advice in every interview.

We recommend it if:

  • You’re a young entrepreneur or small business owner looking for inspiration
  • You want to hear directly from the big names in the industry
  • You’re looking for practical advice you can actually put into action

If you want to pitch Entrepreneurs on Fire:

You need to pay a $6,500 appearance fee to appear. If you’re still interested, refer to their guest guidelines, or fill in their online form.


RISE Podcast

RISE is an award-winning weekly podcast hosted by best-selling author Rachel Hollis. The podcast focuses on running a small, online business, and Rachel offers advice on growth and overcoming adversity.

We recommend it if:

  • You’re looking for applicable business advice
  • You want to learn about growth and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • You like motivational speakers

And if you want to pitch RISE

RISE seeks out inspirational speakers who can offer advice to businesses. Most of the guests are approached by Rachel, but it’s worth reaching out through their contact page if you think you might be a good fit.


Smart Passive Income

Offering solo and co-hosted episodes in addition to interviews, SPI is all about developing online income streams so you can make more and work less. Host Pat Flynn describes himself as the “crash test dummy of online business,” testing out ideas and reporting back.

We recommend it if:

  • You want to increase profits and diversify your income
  • You’re looking for first-hand experiences of building a business
  • You’re interested in establishing an online presence

And if you want to pitch Smart Passive Income

Pat is looking for people with ‘smart passive income success stories’ who are willing to share their tips and tricks. If that’s you, use the contact form on the SPI website, or reach out on Facebook.

How I Built This

This podcast is an interview show focused on the founders of leading companies. From SoulCycle to Kickstarter, and Five Guys to Kate Spade, host Guy Raz weaves the interview responses into the larger story of each business.

We recommend it if:

  • You’re looking to hear from global business leaders
  • You like high-quality, and good production values
  • You’re interested in the stories behind major companies

And if you want to pitch How I Built This

They’re looking for innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists, willing to go in to detail about the companies they’ve built. If you’re interested, use the contact form on NPR’s website or tweet at @guyraz.


The Tony Robbins Podcast

 Tony Robbins is an internationally successful motivational speaker, and his podcast offers him a platform to share his wisdom on a massive scale. He has advice for maximising efficiency in all areas of your life, and occasionally interviews experts and celebrities.

We recommend it if:

  • You’re looking for an informative, motivational podcast
  • You’re open to changing the way you think about your job, business, and life
  • You’re looking to learn from a broad range of global experts in this field 

And if you want to pitch the Tony Robbins Podcast:

The show’s high-profile guests include Kevin Hart, Russell Brand, and Michael Phelps. If you think you make the cut, you can reach Tony on twitter at @TonyRobbins or on Facebook.