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As a multi-award-winning B2B PR agency, we know that building a well-known and admired brand can dramatically impact your business. But many B2B organisations struggle to attain the awareness, recognition and reputation that drives sustainable growth.

We design B2B PR strategies that help companies grow by building their reputations, increasing demand, generating leads and driving sales.

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What is B2B PR?

B2B PR is about communicating with decision-makers in other businesses. A company would invest in a business-to-business PR strategy if it sells to other companies. A successful B2B PR strategy would promote the business’s products or services; highlight its contribution to the community; position it as an excellent employer and reduce the negative reputational impact of any crises that might arise.

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We approach PR differently

Our approach as an experienced B2B PR agency starts with your objectives – whether you’re after more leads, an increased market share or an improved conversion rate. We gather insights on your customers, prospects and competitors, before building an integrated PR strategy that is highly creative, clearly measurable, and designed to inspire action in your target audience. We continuously measure the results against your bottom line and refine our strategies to achieve maximum impact.

We are not your typical B2B PR agency. Our definition of B2B PR is broad. It includes traditional media relations, social media (from YouTube to reddit and back again), SEO and content. We draw on all of these disciplines to drive growth for your business.

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In-depth B2B PR expertise

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I’m Katy, managing director of PR at Definition. Over the past 12 years—and counting—I’ve honed my skills at several leading agencies, delving deep into PR, amplifying social media presence, and ensuring websites capture the right kind of attention.

Strategy is my forte: I set a straightforward course across various comms channels for brands to not only sparkle but also profit. I’ve been fortunate enough to partner with an impressive roster of global clients, including tech giants, education leaders, and fintech innovators, elevating their reputations for heightened visibility and trust.

There’s nothing my award-winning team and I enjoy more than empowering ambitious brands to become household names and watching their sales soar.

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Work with a leading B2B PR agency

We set KPIs to show you how much of an impact we are having on your bottom line. Sure we measure media hits and social engagements, but we look beyond those numbers to identify the impact we are having on your web traffic, lead generation and industry reputation. Unlike many other B2B PR agencies, we don’t hide behind vague metrics. Instead, we produce CEO-friendly reports that show the value we add.

We’re ranked as one of PR Week’s fastest growing UK firms and we have won over 50 awards for PR, social media, crisis management, reputation management, branding, internal comms, content, SEO and strategy.

Our team of communications experts includes ex-journalists, engineers, developers, drone pilots and analysts. We employ technical specialists who can quickly get up to speed on even the most complex of subjects, from advanced-technology battery solutions to Al-powered medical research.

From the Today programme to TechCrunch, the Financial Times to the Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn to brand journalism, we know which channels will get you in front of decision-makers, investors, talent and influencers.

We retain our clients year after year – check out the work we did for Spencer OgdenBullhorn and Xero. Our clients will always advocate on our behalf: read our case studies to get a feel for what it’s like working with us.

While the ‘old fashioned’ B2B PR agency model isn’t for us, it’s an ability to do the fundamentals well that underpins our entire B2B PR service. An appreciation of what makes a good story, coupled with an enviable media relations contact book, means we regularly secure excellent national, broadcast and industry media coverage.

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B2B PR services for your business

Our specialist media relations team puts the miles in (literally) physically meeting journalists and building relationships on behalf of our clients. Understanding what a ‘hack’ wants is the name of the game. This specialist intelligence is then fed back into our clients’ businesses to enable them to join in with the conversations that are about to take place, as opposed to the ones that are already coming to an end. Our team are also experts in the media industry; Press Gazette is their bible and they know how to shape your PR needs to fit the latest media publishing formats, whether that’s newsletter or podcast content or a burgeoning TikTok news channel.

B2B is not boring, it’s misunderstood. Our team engages with your subject matter experts to pull out the interesting stories from within your organisation that can be used to engage your audience. We then work with your marketing team to a) develop the assets to bring them to life and b) ensure the stories reinforce the key messages you want stakeholders, whether future customers, employees, or potential investors, to associate with your brand. We then ‘package’ these stories up and take them to the right journalists and influencers at the right times, on your behalf.

Thought leadership and experience, expertise, authority and trust signalling, is a key part of any modern-day reputation management and/or search strategy and used by the organisations we work with to power their B2B PR, search and social programmes. We build thought leaders on behalf of your organisation, so your customers know you have the expertise needed to solve their problems.

A CEO’s ability to communicate organisational messages and be ‘known’ for something, impacts a company’s market value. Research shows that executives in high value companies estimate that 44 percent of their company’s market value is attributable to the reputation of their CEO. Organisations engage us to ensure their executive teams are saying the right things at the right times to support their commercial and operational objectives.

With a B2B community of over 875 million members and more than 58 million companies, you ignore LinkedIn at your peril. Our B2B social media team helps organisations craft bespoke LinkedIn strategies ensuring they’re taking advantage of the full range of publishing options LinkedIn offers up: from newsletters to product listings to company page optimisation and sales team profile management, the possibilities, are almost endless. Let us be your CLO (chief LinkedIn officer)!

What happens when a crisis occurs? How well prepared are you to handle a hammering from the media? We work with organisations to plan for the worst, minimise damage, and recover reputations. Bad things happen, but they don’t have to define your B2B brand. From press office support to reactive/proactive statement drafting, we’ve got crisis comms covered – you don’t need to go through it alone.

Our B2B SEO experts help companies reach audiences at every stage of the sales funnel. Whether it’s a pure ‘top of funnel’ awareness play using long-form onsite blog content, or producing timely stories on behalf of a company designed to attract an audience via Google News, we know how to build your owned media into a channel more powerful than you could ever imagine! Every strategy is bespoke and designed to leverage existing B2B assets and complement planned marketing and sales activity.

Want to give your execs the best chance possible of handling live media interviews? How are they at answering tricky questions? Conveying key messages under pressure? If you want to find out, you need our bespoke media training services. We use former broadcast journalists and camera crews to simulate studio environments. We prep the journalists, teach your execs media training techniques, record the interviews (with studio lighting and all!) and then play the interviews back in the training session providing real-time feedback. It’s the closest you’ll get to the real thing!

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“I am not sure we could have launched this product successfully to the defence market without the digital PR and messaging support provided by the team. Their B2B PR expertise is second to none, and they really demonstrated an ability to understand this very complex industry and help us define our positioning.

“Within weeks of appointing the team we were featured alongside billion-dollar companies in the core defence and technology media. This went a long way towards establishing our credibility in the sector, enabling us to successfully start selling to governments across the globe.”


Giles Peeters, Defence Sector Director, Track24

“The team has truly put us on the map ahead of our competitors and helped us demonstrate our unique offering to NHS Trusts around the country.

“As our first B2B PR campaign it was important that the agency understood our product and what we wanted to achieve from media contact. In this case, it was a mixture of clarifying myths surrounding the use of IT in the NHS – and actively introducing the company to the media. But we also wanted the industry to know that we are the biggest supplier to the NHS, and the team has managed to achieve this.”

Mark Miller, MD, Dictate IT

“It’s hard to gauge how well a B2B PR agency can get to grips with the workings of your business until you engage with them. Thankfully the team fully understood our unique selling points, and were able to help us identify our strengths and key messages quickly and succinctly. Because of this, we left the workshop confident that the team was the right company to reproduce our web copy.

“The copy itself was reassuring in the first instance due to its obvious quality, and was clearly based on the messages we developed in the initial workshop.”


Richard Barnwell, MD, SecureVirtual

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