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There’s nothing like thought leadership for establishing trustworthiness among potential customers. Demonstrating your organisation’s expertise by sharing advice and opinions in the public sphere is a powerful PR tool – but placing the right thoughts in the right publications at the right time, is easier said than done.

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Why should B2B businesses work with a thought leadership agency?

You wouldn’t expect your clients to do the work they come to you for, and the same idea applies to thought leadership. Journalists don’t just come running when someone representing a business has an idea they want to share (unless you’re Elon Musk). To get your ideas out there, you’ve got to build relationships, fine-tune your talking points, and weave them into carefully crafted content. That’s where a B2B thought leadership agency comes in.

Finding your voice

At Definition, we work with you to refine your opinions, connect you with journalists who are respected by your target audience, produce the content for you, and measure its impact. We have dedicated media relations and content teams, enabling us to create thought leadership that journalists and business audiences love.

These teams are backed up by an impressive line-up of sector specialists who can quickly get to grips with your business, your experts, and what you have to say. Wherever you are in the process of developing your thought leadership programme, we’re ready to help you get the results you’re looking for.

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Our B2B thought leadership services

Why do you actually want to be thought leaders? What are your objectives? Are your internal stakeholders aligned on what it is you want to achieve? Do you need to survey your target audience to find out what problems they’re struggling with that you can help solve and become a trusted source of knowledge on? It’s easy to rush in all guns blazing, but if you don’t know what change you want to effect, then it’s very difficult to measure success.

What opinions do you have within your organisation that are a) interesting enough to pique the interest of the media and your other stakeholders and b) support the key messages you’re interested in promoting via your PR efforts? Our experts talk to your experts to dig these out. We then mould these thoughts and feelings into well-honed media angles most likely to resonate with journalists and potential customers and clients.

There’s no single ‘best’ place for your leaders to voice their thoughts. Instead, we work across the full range of traditional and digital channels, both earned (think PR coverage) and owned (think content for your YouTube channel), to get as many of the ‘right’ eyes as possible on your thought leadership. This might involve us running your CEO’s LinkedIn profile; ensuring she’s active in the comments section of the relevant FT articles (because journos engage with commenters like never before!); writing an impassioned industry address for a prominent sector media title; and live streaming quarterly round tables featuring your CEO and prominent industry leaders. We help you go where the audience is.

Sadly one op-ed isn’t going to change the world (rarely anyway!). Our multi-disciplinary team secures the media coverage we ‘earn’ on your behalf and amplifies it using a range of paid tactics. This takes the authority and prestige that earned media coverage carries and makes it work as hard as it possibly can: we’ll promote it to your prospects on LinkedIn and other social channels – extending its reach 10x, ensuring it becomes a valuable trust signal, convincing your stakeholders you’re the real deal.

Our dedicated media relations team maintains constant contact with journalists and publications at the national, local and specialist level. They produce pitches that give your ideas the best chance of finding an audience. They will also introduce you to journalists who will only feature your thought leaders if a personal relationship exists and they’re convinced of their expertise. And because journalists regularly change beats, this is an ongoing endeavour – there’s always a new media contact to educate!

We work with you to produce content that captures each expert’s individual tone of voice, precisely conveys their points, and establishes confidence in their depth of knowledge. This might be in the form of a podcast, filmed explainer content, long-form LinkedIn articles or social media updates. Work out where the target audience is, create COMPELLING content (this bit’s important, you can put lipstick on a pig but…🐷…oink) and voila, eyeballs!

“Our technical experts find it easy to work with the team since they understand our technology and they’re good at putting their thoughts into words. In terms of results, they’ve placed more than 20 thought leadership stories in key trade publications, have drafted 40 case studies and created content packages for four digital marketing campaigns.”

Susan Trast, Vice President, Global Marketing and Brand, Outokumpu

“The team went to great lengths to understand this very complex issue and ensure that both sides of the story were heard. They made sure we responded with consistent messaging every time the issue was raised in the media and by the time the consultation was announced, journalists were approaching us for our opinion as we were viewed as thought leaders on the issue. The press conference was timed to perfection.

“The government has put the international education sector under an exceptional amount of strain over the last two years, representing a major threat to our own business and the UK’s recovering economy. We really felt that the team had Study Group’s, and the sector’s best interests at heart throughout the process and they played a major role in securing the immediate future of the UK’s second biggest export sector.”

James Pitman, MD Higher Education, UK and Europe, Study Group

“As a fast-growing business in the African market, PaySpace found the services delivered by the team of great value and best in class quality. They helped us establish a good base for thought leadership through the quality articles they delivered. This was underpinned by their absolute dedication to understand our market and product offering.

“The best part of building our brand with the team was that we could measure our return on investment based on the increased lead activities int he business. I would recommend services offered by the team any time. They are a professional team making the extra mile the norm.”

Terisa Pohl, PaySpace

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