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If your LinkedIn presence is a simple page for your company that you haven’t touched since 2011, you’re missing out. LinkedIn is the biggest B2B online network in the world, with 875 million members, and it’s the place to share your knowledge, build your brand and generate leads.

According to Hootsuite, four in five users on LinkedIn make important decisions for their business, so it’s no wonder that 77% of content marketers say that the platform produces the best organic results of any social network. It’s also great for SEO, giving your business an opportunity to establish those all-important experience and expertise signals. And that’s just the start – LinkedIn also provides powerful paid tools for precisely targeting potential customers.

Getting LinkedIn right takes time; there’s an art to crafting posts that broadcast your expertise and maximise engagement with the audiences that matter. That’s where a LinkedIn marketing agency comes in. A LinkedIn agency can help you with everything from getting your Company Page into shape, to running a sector-defining newsletter, to auditing your employee’s social presence and generating leads for sales teams.

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We’ve worked with a range of businesses, from industry leaders to scrappy upstarts, to craft their perfect LinkedIn presence. Our approach grows your following, reach, impressions and engagement – but we know those metrics only count if they drive business results, like enhancing brand awareness, driving engagement and influencing potential customers.

What’s our secret? We build creative, integrated campaigns that combine thought leadership, events, and PR with the organic and paid opportunities provided by LinkedIn. Our integrated model has a track record of securing sales-qualified leads.

In addition to our LinkedIn marketing services, we offer training. We can equip your team to take over and post like the professionals they are. Learn more about our B2B social media training.

Our B2B LinkedIn services

LinkedIn Newsletters are a powerful tool for building an audience and demonstrating expertise. We can help you identify topics that are trending in your industry, refine your commentary, extract the content from your subject matter experts and even have our writing experts generate the copy for you.

Today, your LinkedIn Company Page is your storefront. From setup to long-term curation, we can help you manage it to ensure that it makes a positive impression on every visitor. Our team will work with you on the graphics, copy, and a regular stream of engaging posts to keep it working hard for your business.

The pinnacle of our LinkedIn marketing services: we help your business design and carry out campaigns – both paid and organic – that make a real impact on the people who matter. When prospects trust your brand and recognise your experts, converting them into customers is an easy next step.

Some businesses are closely tied to an individual, like the founder or CEO. If you have a ‘very important profile’, we can manage it to ensure it’s always up to date. We’ll even help you generate content to keep people coming back for more.

LinkedIn would just be a glorified phone book without user-generated content. Thoughtful posts are what keep people checking in every day, and we can help your business create content that connects with your audience. Our team can help with every step in the content process, from coming up with ideas to producing and publishing copy.

We can come to you, or you can join us in our London or Leeds offices for bespoke B2B social media training and LinkedIn-specific training. Whether you’re looking to help your entire team up their game or you want to give your social team the skills for success, we will deliver training centred on achieving your business goals.

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