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As a leading internal communications agency, we know that effective communication is key to attracting, engaging and retaining the best people. Especially in today’s world of remote and hybrid work.

Businesses that put their people at the heart of everything they do will ultimately benefit from a more engaged and more productive workforce. We help companies including Honda, Legal & General, Amazon, Southeastern, Hitachi Rail, the House of Commons and Halfords.

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What will a successful internal comms strategy deliver?

Your employees are not just a means of generating business results, they are a formidable resource that need to be motivated, understood and nurtured in order to deliver on what’s expected of them.

That’s why we believe internal comms should be the lifeblood of every organisation – it keeps your people informed and engaged, it brings your company culture to life and it is fundamental to ensuring a positive working environment.

An effective internal comms strategy results in:

  • A happier, more informed, aligned and engaged workforce
  • Lower attrition rates and attracting the best
  • Increased productivity levels
  • A healthier bottom line
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A multi-award-winning internal communications and employee experience agency

We are committed to helping organisations build strong connections with their people from before they join through to the day they leave via our Lifetime Employer Communications™ model. That’s why we put storytelling at the heart of everything we do, developing internal comms strategies that educate, engage and inspire people at every stage of their career.

To develop and execute your internal comms strategy, we will:

  • Speak to people across your business (leadership, managers and front line workers) to establish what the key issues are
  • Hold workshops to understand how you currently communicate with your team and what the most and least effective channels are
  • Conduct in depth industry and competitor research
  • Provide a list of recommended strategies and channels, both on and offline, tailored to your business
  • Support your teams with effective tools to communicate, embed and sustain your strategy
  • Brainstorm creative ideas for delivering your internal comms campaigns that resonate with your people, inspire action and are aligned to your purpose, vision and values
  • Map out your communications and channels in an in depth content plan
  • Deliver the communications and measure their effectiveness

Our internal communications and campaigns include:

  • Strategy and narrative
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Health and safety
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Business transformation
  • Information security
  • Operational resilience
  • Ethics and compliance
  • ESG initiatives
  • Reward and recognition

To understand more about our approach, methodology, employer brand, EVP and creative expression of your employee experience pop over to our employee experience section.

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What sets us apart?

We’ve been in the business for over 30 years and worked with hundreds of household names to deliver their internal comms. There’s not much we don’t know.

We know how to work with our clients to get the best outcomes and our creative mindset means we create campaigns that deliver.

We are proud to have helped to transform internal comms for companies including Honda, Amazon, Halfords and Direct Line Group. Why not join the list?

We’re yet to find another internal communications agency that takes a holistic approach and works across every single element of an employee’s journey with you.

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