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The healthcare landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade. Consumers have access to more information, healthcare companies have to work harder to prove their credibility and authority and decisions are made more quickly than ever before in history. Definition is a healthcare PR agency that has built a strong reputation for quickly and accurately understanding complex, sensitive, and often emotive, topics that we communicate to diverse audiences. We have created and delivered award-winning campaigns for the NHS, healthtech start-ups, charities, national care providers, health insurance companies and social change projects, putting the focus on raising awareness of topical issues and changing opinions and perceptions.

We are passionate about helping organisations in the healthcare sector empower consumers, educate patients, share clinical excellence and influence policy decisions. Our integrated media campaigns (always handled with discretion and sensitivity – we’re members of the Healthcare Communications Association and abide by its code of conduct) have made the front page of the Times, reached Sky News and even created a social media trend.

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We are well equipped to help our clients reach a broad range of audiences, including stakeholders, healthcare professionals, clinicians, businesses, government, the general public and investors. We use our strong media networks and our deep understanding of how the media operates to secure the exposure our clients need.

The public’s appetite for informed content from healthcare experts has never been bigger. We help the subject matter experts within our clients gain real opportunities to be heard across traditional, print, broadcast, online and social media. Over time, this builds to create powerful reputations that deliver true value.

Our methodology has been developed to ensure that we are able to deliver the results that really matter to your healthcare organisation, whether that’s an improved profile, a larger, more engaged community, or more leads. We continuously measure the impact we are having and adjust activity accordingly to ensure your investment in us delivers.

Healthcare sector organisations, which are so critical to the national infrastructure, are particularly vulnerable to crises. We help you anticipate and plan for any crises that might arise, and we work closely with your management team to ensure that your reputation is protected as a crisis unfolds.

“Definition’s strategic PR and thought leadership campaigns, targeting a range of diverse audiences across a range of platforms, has helped the Society build trust with members and customers, showing increased engagement through positive net losses, build brand awareness and ultimately delivering record sales results.”

Natalie Walker, Head of Marketing, Benenden Health

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