Marketing awards

Just finished an amazing marketing campaign that needs to get noticed? We’ve compiled this list of all the marketing awards out there and we’ve organised it by entry deadline to help you plan out your awards strategy.

Our marketing awards database is updated weekly. If you notice an omission, then please get in touch with us at

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Name (click an award for more info)Entry deadlineRegionCost to enter
Influencer Marketing Awards 25 April 2024GlobalFrom £295
NYF Advertising Awards26 April 2024GlobalFrom $550
The Drum Roses Awards27 April 2024UKFrom £165 + VAT
Best Business Awards 30 April 2024National£238 – £298
The Marketing Week Masters Awards1 May 2024UKFrom £399 + VAT
Channel Champions8 May 2024UKFree
Bulldog PR Awards10 May 2024UKFrom $350
IOIC Awards10 May 2024NationalFrom £135 + VAT
Corporate Engagement Awards10 May 2024EuropeFrom £195
ITSMA Marketing Excellence Awards 19 May 2024Global$495
Third Sector Excellence Awards 23 May 2024UKFrom £90 + VAT
Creative Pool 23 May 2024UKTBC
London Design Awards: Marketing30 May 2024UKFrom £287.50+VAT
Association Excellence Awards31 May 2024UKFrom £245 + VAT
Web Marketing Association (WMA) WebAwards 31 May 2024GlobalFrom $225
The UK Effie Awards4 June 2024GlobalFrom $1,500
PR Week Awards6 June 2024GlobalFrom £465 + VAT
Digital Impact Awards7 June 2024GlobalFrom £195
London International Advertising Awards7 June 2024UKFrom $357
International Business Awards12 June 2024GlobalFree – $610
The London Venue Awards14 June 2024LondonFrom £275 + VAT
UK Social Media Awards14 June 2024UKFrom £205+ VAT
UK Agency Awards14 June 2024UKFrom £205 + VAT
B2B Marketing Awards28 June 2024UKFrom £350 + VAT
Creative Moment Awards28 June 2024UKFrom £200 + VAT
US Search Awards5 July 2024USAFree
The Drum Awards10 July 2024UKFrom £476+VAT
Stevie Awards for Women in Business24 July 2024GlobalFrom Free
European E-Commerce Awards26 July 2024EuropeFrom £195 + VAT
PR Daily’s Media Relations Award16 August 2024GlobalFrom $425
The International Content Marketing Awards13 September 2024GlobalFrom £170
Data & Marketing Awards 20 September 2024UKFrom £250 + VAT
Business Brilliance Awards11 October 2024GlobalFrom £250
Top Women In Communications Awards 18 October 2024GlobalFrom $475
The Corporate Content Awards Europe20 October 2024EuropeFrom £195
Media Week Awards2024 dates TBAUKFrom £470+ VAT
Brand Impact Awards2024 dates TBAGlobalFrom £139+ VAT
Prolific North Marketing Awards 2024 dates TBANorth of EnglandFrom £230  + VAT
PRCA National Awards2024 dates TBAUKFrom £220+ VAT
Campaign Big Awards2024 dates TBAGlobal£695
Event Technology AwardsAround July 2024GlobalFrom £97.50
Davos Communications Awards 2024 dates TBAGlobalFrom €90
Communicate Lens Awards2024 dates TBAUK & EuropeFrom £195
Agency of the Year Awards 2024 dates TBAUKFrom £550+ VAT
The Creative Media Awards2024 dates TBAGlobalFrom $395
PM Society Awards2025 dates TBAEurope & InternationalFrom £225+ VAT
EG Awards2025 dates TBAGlobalTBA
The Drawdown Awards 2025 dates TBAUKTBA
Automotive Marketing and Communications Awards2025 dates TBAUKFrom £425+VAT
Campaign Experience Awards2025 dates TBAUKFrom £460+ VAT
Inspiring Women Awards UK2025 dates TBAUKFrom £330+ VAT
PR Moment Awards2025 Dates TBAUKFrom £195+ VAT
Internal Communications and Engagement Awards2025 Dates TBAUK & EuropeFrom £195
Clio Awards2025 Dates TBAGlobalFrom $525
PR Week Global Awards2025 Dates TBAGlobalFrom £420+ VAT
The FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards2025 Dates TBAUKFree
PRCA Digital Awards2025 Dates TBAGlobalFrom £270+ VAT
TITAN Business Awards 2025 Dates TBAGlobalFrom $79
Performance Marketing Awards2025 Dates TBAUKFrom £325+ VAT
Digiday Content Marketing Awards2025 Dates TBAUKFrom $499
The Purpose Awards 2025 Dates TBAEurope, Middle East & AfricaFrom £455+ VAT
European Search Awards2025 Dates TBAEuropeFrom £215+ VAT
Employer Brand Management Awards2025 Dates TBAUK & EuropeFrom £245
Prolific North Champions Awards2025 Dates TBAGlobalFrom £150 + VAT
UFI Marketing Awards2025 Dates TBAGlobalFree
Hermes Creative Awards2025 Dates TBAGlobalFrom $125
PRCA Dare Awards2025 Dates TBAUK£140 – £220+ VAT
Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards2025 Dates TBAGlobalFree
The Drum Marketing Awards (Europe)2025 Dates TBAUKFrom £470 + VAT
CRN Sales & Marketing Awards 2025 Dates TBAUKFree
The Marketing Society Awards2025 Dates TBAUKFrom £395+ VAT
Caples Awards2025 Dates TBAGlobalFree