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From economic challenges to regulatory change, activist campaigning to breaches of corporate governance, the risk of a crisis casts its shadow over every organisation. In days, a crisis can destroy operational, financial or reputational progress that may have taken years to build.

Being prepared to manage communications in a crisis is an essential element of risk management and business continuity planning. When done properly, comms can mitigate the most damaging impacts of a crisis – and sometimes even enhance reputation. When handled poorly, comms can make a difficult situation infinitely worse.

At Definition, we combine the diverse range of expertise and experience within our portfolio of consultancies into an integrated and specialist crisis planning and response team: The Brand Protector. The team spans former national and international journalists, digital media and search specialists, internal communications experts, as well as consumer sentiment and customer engagement consultants. Together, we can help you to control information in a crisis.

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Why work with a crisis comms agency?

Knowing what to say, how to say it, when to say it and who to say it to during a crisis is essential – and not always intuitive. Working with a crisis communications consultancy provides much-needed expertise, a detached external perspective, a consistent communications channel and a structure for making calm and rational decisions under pressure.

Definition’s Brand Protector team includes our corporate communications experts; customer engagement and sentiment tracking advisers and internal communications specialists. It can develop and test comprehensive crisis communications plans and toolkits as well as provide a rapid response facility when a crisis does occur, offering calm and considered advice on a 24/7 basis.

A port in a storm

At Definition, we have helped public and private organisations address complex and sensitive issues. Some organisations don’t realise the importance of a crisis communications agency until things go wrong – but even then it’s not too late to get expert help. In these cases, we quickly evaluate the situation and develop effective strategies and action plans for leadership teams.

It’s our job to tactically control information. We can monitor the media, advise on responses, manage incoming inquiries, mediate with journalists, draft internal and external statements and social posts, review the search engine results pages and ensure that everyone within the organisation knows what to expect. With comms taken care of, decision makers can focus on repairing damage and getting back to business as usual.

Risk aware organisations keep a crisis communications agency on retainer, meaning that support is just a phone call away. Our retained service offering begins with an immersion session designed to identify risks an organisation faces. We then develop a response plan and carry out continuous horizon scanning. We have senior consultants on call 24/7, so if a crisis does occur, we’re ready to leap into action.

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Our crisis communications services

We develop comprehensive, clear and cohesive crisis communications plans that identify risk, impact, audiences and messaging, so senior executives know what to do should a crisis hit.

Executive performance in the media during a crisis can be critical to sustaining trust and reputation. Our professional trainers can help leaders develop the skills and techniques to communicate with confidence.

Today, crises can develop at lightning speed, both online and off. We help organisations to deal with ‘live’ issues by providing effective real-time advice and specialist support and then conducting a post-crisis review.

For organisations that prefer the reassurance of permanent access to a trusted crisis communications consultancy, we offer a retained, real time service with the option to embed one of experts in your organisation during the crisis period.

Why Definition?

Our team has unparalleled national and international experience of diverse crisis situations, often high profile and sensitive.

We have delivered crisis communications services for public and private organisations across a range of industries, including education, housing, maritime, commercial fishing, emergency services and law and trade associations, among others.

Dealing with a crisis in the modern media landscape means  control of both traditional and digital channels. The Brand Protector team includes former national journalists, digital media and search specialists, internal communications experts, as well as sentiment and customer engagement consultants.

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