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We are a multi-award-winning public affairs PR agency. We bring together senior consultants with decades of experience in advising and representing clients in public affairs and government relations.

Our team – based in London and Leeds – also comprises former journalists and big brand strategists who know how to get your business noticed.

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“The only certainty in politics is uncertainty.”

Does it feel like the world is at a turning point right now? Politically confusing? Worryingly unstable?

How’s that for business?

This year will see a record 40 national elections take place around the globe, including in the UK and the US. And they come at a time when misinformation and disinformation have just been ranked the number one international concerns over the next two years.

If things feel urgent, that’s probably because they are.

But when senior-management time is consumed by the day-to-day pressures of pushing against all that uncertainty, there’s little time or energy left to cut through the political noise and take stock. To learn about the policy decisions that could catch you unprepared. To consider the potential future governments and their policies, not just the current incumbents.

And there’s even less time to develop the ideas for change despite the depth of your industry expertise. To get in front of the audiences who make the decisions. To help pull the levers of power.

With a UK election looming, new names ready to fill ministerial posts, powerbrokers making policy decisions that could impact your business in the here and now, journalists and commentators getting the inside read – now’s the time to act.

That’s where Integrated Intelligence comes in.

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Become a political heavyweight with public affairs PR

Our public affairs PR team has created a twin-track model with our specialist partners. Integrated Intelligence smooths away the edges of so much uncertainty, putting you in a position of real power.

This meeting of PR and PA lets you see both sides of the political coin clearly, allowing you to generate support for new ideas or problems that require a solution, then using that public demand to put those ideas and innovations in front of key legislators for the potential to make a genuine difference.

We’ll also gear you up for the upcoming elections with the news that matters to your business, and home in on the policymakers who have outsized influence in your sector. And we’ll give you the tips and techniques to get your message across to ministers and MPs with lasting impact.

Need to get smart about the coming election?

Get out in front with our four public affairs services

With the coming elections likely to bring a fair amount of change, our service ensures organisations are well-prepared for what’s ahead. We sift through the political drama to spotlight the developments that matter most to your sector through weekly intelligence reports, insights from key influencers, and thorough media tracking. So you can stay ahead of how policy changes might impact your business and have the opportunity to be heard.

Expect in-depth analyses of party manifestos and tailored advice on building early connections with political stakeholders.

We want to help get your voice heard.  We design integrated campaigns, merging public relations and public affairs, to spotlight your ideas and innovations and drive meaningful change. That means creating compelling messaging that will resonate with decision-makers across local, regional, and national levels, and delivering tangible results.

Expect a strategy that includes everything from hard-hitting media campaigns to MP and ministerial briefings and input to policy development.

Knowing who your message is aimed at is as important as the message itself. Our experts identify and analyse the influential figures across the political and media landscape that are especially relevant to your sector.

We then give you detailed reports on target audiences, organise sentiment testing, and prepare strategies for ensuring your message really hits with policymakers, thought leaders, and key stakeholders.

Maximise the impact of your interactions with ministers, MPs, policymakers, and media figures through our expert communication training. These are busy people with packed diaries, so being able to speak with clarity and purpose when face to face – or Zoom to Zoom – is absolutely vital.

We equip you with the skills to make your message stand out and hit home, ensuring your voice is the one that’s heard loudest in high-stakes meetings and interviews across a variety of sectors.

“Definition helped us develop an integrated, multi-channel promotional programme of activity to highlight the benefits of hydropower – the forgotten giant of renewable energy – to policy makers and the broader public across the world.

“The team did exactly what they said they would, securing high-profile media coverage alongside a well-planned social media campaign to inspire discussion and movement. They did an amazing job!”

Waldemar Oldenburger, Head of Hydropower Global Communications & Public Affairs, GE Renewable Energy

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