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Seventy-seven percent of B2B buyers do their own research before anything else and only 17 percent of the total purchasing journey is spent actually meeting with potential suppliers – in fact Gartner states that sales reps only have five percent of a customer’s time during their B2B buying journey! This is why your company’s reputation matters.

Many of your customers won’t meet you before making the decision as to whether you’re right for them or not. In addition, reputation affects your ability to engage the best talent, attract customers, cross-sell, up-sell, raise capital and deliver value. So, protecting and managing your online reputation should be a top business priority.

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A solid reputation management strategy

At Definition, we understand how important your reputation is – and we can cultivate it in your target media and among your target audience.

If you’ve earned fame and credibility, you’ll find it easier to attract customers; if you’ve earned scorn and notoriety, expect the opposite. It seems simple enough.

We don’t take an isolated, tactical approach where we try one thing after another and hope for the best. In everything we do, we look at the entire reputational picture: your standing among employees, customers, shareholders, media outlets, and others; how they’re interlinked; what’s underpinning your current status – and what you can do to boost your credibility and appeal to those who matter most to your organisation.

A solid corporate reputation management strategy will enable you to address criticism and respond to negativity the right way, clean up any damaging chatter affecting your reputation, track brand mentions, reduce the need to spend on paid advertising, boost the reach of your positive messages and raise awareness. It’s not just important – it’s everything.

Simon Sinek once said “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” As your reputation management agency, we can help you find your ‘why’.

Online reviews definitely impact purchasing decisions and are expected to be readily available by over a third of B2B buyers. Companies actively search these out and spend a lot of time studying them. We therefore recommend a solid review management programme for any corporate reputation management strategy.

The media are the ultimate influencers, owning large proportions of the real estate on search engine results pages (search engines being the third most popular first step for B2B buyers). What the media says about you can hold more weight than anyone else, so incorporating media relations into your online reputation management strategy is essential. And becoming the media is the ultimate goal.

While your website should be top of the first page of search results for your brand name, it’s essential to optimise what comes up for brand searches across the whole of page one. Do you own the ‘People also ask’, image and video results? Or the information returned in the AI Q&A element of the search engine in question? Aside from that, your brand’s reputation and experience impacts your keyword rankings too, so feel free to loop us in with your B2B SEO team, they’ll be delighted!

You need to know what people are saying about you or your brand across all platforms – not just in the media. Listening to social conversations helps you understand the sentiment around your brand, helping inform a strategy to build and repair your reputation. Implementing a robust social media policy and being prepared to take potentially damaging conversations offline is also key.

Reputation under threat? Our crisis comms specialists are at their best when you’re in a tight spot – neutralising potentially negative narratives before they seriously affect your public perception.

Online reputation needs to be tailored to multiple audiences from potential clients to staff, jobseekers, influencers and investors. A solid digital reputation management strategy will include tracking all brand mentions across multiple platforms, segmenting them into audience groups and using the information to develop your strategy.

A picture of a tea cup, plant, mobile, pencils, phone, laptop and keyboard all presented neatly on a table on the reputation Management agency page.

A good reputation management agency doesn’t just maintain a certain level of public esteem – it actively improves and cultivates it over the long term.

We’ll create a great impression of your brand, we’ll sustain it, and we’ll ensure it gets even better in future.

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