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A leader is the face of a company. Research shows that a strong personal brand for the CEO of an organisation plays a critical role in attracting investors. It supports positive media coverage, provides crisis protection, helps attract talent and retain employees. In fact, according to various industry sources, between 40 and 70 per cent of a company’s market value is attributed to the CEO’s reputation, so it’s in the entire company’s interest for this person to have positive leadership branding.

Our three-part personal brand programme, The Brand You, is designed to help high-calibre professionals such as business leaders, entrepreneurs, and directors create a personal brand and leverage it to achieve their goals. Participants work with our team of communications experts to create, cultivate and maintain their personal brand.

The executive profiling and leadership branding programme helps leaders to clarify their brand, use social media effectively, make the most of networking opportunities, and earn recognition among key audiences. The Brand You is a standalone service, but we can integrate it into our larger B2B PR offering, highlighting the relationship between an individual and the organisation they lead for a campaign that’s more impactful than the sum of its parts.

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A three-part special

The Brand You consists of three parts, and leaders can choose the service that suits them best or combine all three for maximum effect. The first phase is creation, which involves establishing your message, materials and channels to support your personal brand. The next is cultivation – initial outreach to get you noticed by the people you’re trying to engage, from thought leadership and speaker opportunities to social media engagement. The third phase is maintenance: ongoing work to continually build your profile.

Creating your personal brand

Our process begins with determining the purpose of your personal brand and the form that it needs to take to achieve your goals. We hold discovery and soapbox sessions to establish thought leadership topics and key messages and positioning, and then work with you to create a public profile, including a personal strapline, bio, social accounts, website and business collateral. This phase lasts one month.

Cultivating recognition

The second phase in your executive profiling journey is all about cultivation, namely getting your personal brand in front of the right audiences. This leverages the materials and channels you have created in the previous phase and involves a concentrated burst of media relations activity designed to generate set outputs each month. We tailor our approach to your specific corporate profiling objectives, but as an example, we might produce one profile piece, one thought leadership feature and one comment opportunity per month, amplifying each on social media. This phase lasts for five months.

Maintaining attention

Once your personal brand has been well and truly established, you can move to the final phase of The Brand You journey. Maintenance is an ongoing process designed to support and sustain your profile over time. We review your activity to date, determining what has worked well and what could be improved to ensure that your personal brand activity is meeting your business objectives. Outputs from this phase may include profile or thought leadership pieces, comment opportunities and weekly social media content

Growing your personal brand

Your personal brand is tied directly to your business position. By investing in your brand, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your market, boost recognition of your organisation, and get the attention of investors. Our service ensures you can present yourself clearly and confidently, engage with key media, network effectively, and earn endorsement of your skills and expertise.

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“Definition has been crucial to raising awareness of the business and myself as a leader. We engaged Definition in the middle of the pandemic, which meant we were working through PR stories remotely. Despite the limitations, they have been strategic, focused and super effective – getting us into leading publications and putting me in front of relevant audiences.

“They understand the brand and products, but more importantly our strategic direction, the hard numbers and how to create a story to pitch to relevant media outlets, which makes them stand out among other PR firms. They are a true extension of our team.”

Connie Nam, Founder, Astrid & Miyu

“I’m driven by new ideas, experiences and opportunities – and working with Definition to develop my personal brand via The Brand You service has delivered across all of these. The team proved they understood me and my business objectives from the outset and have worked with enthusiasm and professionalism to not only help define these, but, more importantly, ensure I’m articulating them across the right channels, to reach the right people.”

John Stapleton, Co-Founder, The Authentic Entrepreneur

“Definition’s strategic PR and thought leadership campaigns, targeting a range of diverse audiences across a range of platforms, has helped the Society build trust with members and customers, showing increased engagement through positive net losses, build brand awareness and ultimately delivering record sales results.”

Natalie Walker, Head of Marketing

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