Building A SaaS Company

Leading US recruitment software provider Bullhorn delivers solutions for over 11,000 customers across the world. The company’s customer relationship management (CRM) software and applicant tracking systems are widely regarded as the industry standards.

Bullhorn began working with our agency in 2009 to promote SaaS as a superior alternative to the on-premises CRM solutions that UK recruiters typically relied on. Launching the brand in the UK and building a profile for the newcomer was no small feat – but it was one that our B2B PR team were ready to take on. Since then, we have continued to work with Bullhorn to solidly establish it as the market leader.

Over the first 18 months, the team established Bullhorn as a major voice in the recruiting space with over 180 pieces of positive media coverage and the company’s first 2,000 UK users. Within just under two years, Bullhorn had earned widespread recognition among the UK recruitment community, with many already referring to Bullhorn as the market leader.

The Definition team leveraged Bullhorn’s first-mover advantage to propel it to over a decade of incredible growth. The strategy began with additional news announcements and opinion pieces focused on the key benefits of Bullhorn and a thought-leadership campaign that positioned their CRM as the solution for recruiters who wanted to work smarter and build better relationships.


  • Over 500 pieces of positive media coverage
  • 75% share of voice in the UK media
  • Hosts Europe’s largest annual recruitment conference

The campaign was an unqualified success with Bullhorn dominating the recruitment space in UK media and commanding a 75% share of voice, which included over 500 pieces of positive media coverage in national and sector publications.

Meanwhile, the team bolstered these efforts with an ongoing campaign to build Bullhorn’s credibility as a leading tech company and an awards programme to highlight Bullhorn’s credentials as an employer.

Bullhorn has since received four award nominations – including a National Business Award nomination – and two wins. For two years running, the business has also been recognised by the Sunday Times as one of the “Best Companies to Work For”.

The team also assisted Bullhorn over the course of the 2010s with launching and promoting Europe’s largest annual recruitment conference and setting up in Australia, Singapore, the Netherlands, Germany and France.


“Four factors contributed to the unqualified success of Bullhorn’s launch into the UK market. They were a great product, a clear and intelligent sales strategy, economic conditions forcing recruiters to become more efficient and the work of our PR team. Within six months we were broadly recognised in the recruitment sector and there is no question now that the perception in the UK recruitment community is that Bullhorn is a market leader.”

Peter Linas, International Managing Director, Bullhorn


“We’ve been working with the agency team for the better part of ten years, and they’ve become an extension of our core PR team. I trust them like I’d trust my own colleagues. They’re responsive, results-driven, and exceedingly agreeable people. Executing on U.S.-created PR strategy from the UK, with no physical access to the U.S. PR team, is a challenge, but they handle it brilliantly – always. They are a definite factor in our international success.”

Vinda Souza, Vice President, Marketing Communications, Bullhorn

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