Playing to the crowd

Crowdrating is a UK-based company specialising in ratings for crowd-funded campaigns. The company was an unknown entity launching into a bustling marketplace and needed to achieve three main objectives: stand out as a reputable source of information to investors, crowd issuers and the media; drive traffic to its website; and grow its subscription base.

Definition’s B2B PR team developed a three-pronged launch strategy to increase Crowdrating’s attention in the media. This included an overview of timelines, targeting media outlets and spokespeople, as well as a messaging document to outline content and FAQs. Leveraging a press release and social media engagement, the team then executed a media launch.


From the beginning, the launch campaign generated extensive media coverage that exceeded all expectations. Crowdrating was featured in the Financial Times, Daily Telegraph, Mail on Sunday, City AM and Forbes, in addition to receiving significant attention elsewhere.

The result of this attention was a strong boost in subscriptions, particularly from the Forbes and City AM publicity. Following the success of the launch campaign, the founders of Crowdrating continued to work with Definition.

  • Coverage reached 98,423,200 people on launch day.
  • The Telegraph article alone was shared 520 times on social media.
  • Achieved one registration per minute on launch day


“On launch day we were delighted to see that we were achieving one registration a minute after opening the site at noon. That is in very large part due to the efforts of Definition.”

Modwenna Rees-Mogg and Alex Heath, co-founders of Crowdrating.

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