Reddit is a website made up of countless smaller communities called subreddits, each focused on a specific topic. There are subreddits for cute animals, sports teams, games, hobbies, careers, and more, so it’s no surprise that there are dozens of communities focused on running a small business.

Visitors to these subreddits use Reddit’s forum format to ask questions, share their experiences, and entertain one another – all out in the open for curious readers to examine and learn from. So, whether you’re already in business or looking for more information before you take the leap, check out our list of the best subreddits for small businesses.

What makes a good subreddit?

To identify the best small business subreddits, we measured:

  • Member count: Simply put, this is how many members are in the sub. A large sub doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best one (smaller subs can have higher engagement) but it’s a good sign of whether the content posted is relevant.
  • Engagement level: We looked at how engaged members are in the sub by looking at the number of upvotes and comments on the top posts from the past year.
  • International: Reddit is a global website, but some subs are very US-centric, so we’ve made a note of whether they’re international.
  • Content-type: We’ve tried to generalise the type of content on each sub, mainly whether they’re advice-driven or just memes.
  • Active moderators: Active moderators (or “mods”) keep the subreddit on-topic and rule-abiding. Weekly updates and “sticky” posts are usually a sign of an active mod team.
  • Rules: There are rules laid out in reddit’s “rediquette” that all subreddits have to obey, but mods can also impose their own rules. Higher quality subreddits tend to have stricter rules regarding the quality of posts and replies, as this helps keep the sub relevant.

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With over 500,000 subscribers, r/SmallBusiness is a general forum about running an SME. Like-minded business owners celebrate milestones, post relevant news and commiserate when things go wrong. This subreddit is largely US-focused, however, and much of the content doesn’t apply to an international audience.

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As the name suggests, this is a community of entrepreneurs sharing advice on “side hustles, small businesses, venture-backed startups, lemonade stands” and more. Almost a million Reddit users subscribe for advice and discussion, and the moderators are diligent about keeping the sub on topic. While it’s definitely a US-centric forum, lots of the tips are applicable to entrepreneurs the world over.

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This tiny yet active subreddit aims to foster discussions about accounting within a business, making it a must-follow for SME owners. Users post their questions, and members of the community do their best to offer answers, often pointing them to the right tools or resources for their query.

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The subreddit bills itself as the “home base for people who are organised and people who want to be organised.” This subreddit is home to plenty of tips for organising everything from digital files to cleaning supplies, and while it is not overtly business-focused, there is plenty of tidiness inspiration that SME leaders can appreciate.

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r/Startup was, unsurprisingly, on our list of the best startup subreddits. It’s still a loosely moderated forum populated by people sharing their experiences of running startups, and it remains one of the only subreddits which permits self-promotion.

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With almost 150,000 members, r/Sales has clear rules and moderators to implement them, and the content is all relevant if not entirely applicable. Lots of the discussions on the sub focus on the delicate art of cold calls and emails, and while there’s no “right” approach, there are plenty of wrong ones that you can learn from.

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The marketing subreddit is a place for communications and advertising industry professionals to discuss topics ranging from marketing strategy to segmentation and martech. There are all sorts of posts on the subreddit, including case studies and lengthy advice posts, making it a great place to learn more about all things marketing.

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r/Business suffers somewhat from its broad topic, with many posts simply rehashing news stories about giant businesses. However, there are certainly gems of information for those that go searching.

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The subreddit for freelancers – but not ones looking for work, as the rules make clear, that’s r/ForHire. With clear rules and attentive moderators to fend off self-promotion, this subreddit is a wonderful place for freelancers to learn, support others in their field, and have a laugh.

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This small, active community of restaurant owners discusses the nitty-gritty of running a restaurant. Most posts are questions but, despite the small subscriber count, helpful commenters are always on hand to propose solutions.

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Similar in size and focus to the Restauranteur subreddit, r/Retail is a community for retail workers and business owners to share their stories and advice about working in the sector.

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If you’re frustrated by working in the retail sector, look no further than r/RantsFromRetail, where similarly irritated people let loose with their worst experiences. It’s cathartic to read, and many of the submissions are surprisingly funny.

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As the regulars on this subreddit will tell you, eCommerce isn’t just the future; it’s the present. They gather to share tips on marketing, software, and the other fundamentals of selling online. The subreddit even welcomes posts seeking creative criticism of eCommerce pages, making it a useful resource for SMEs looking to refine their online stores.

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LadyBusiness is a small subreddit for women – and trans and nonbinary people – to discuss their experiences in the world of business. If you’re looking for inspiration from female founders and advice about overcoming the obstacles presented by a male-dominated workspace, this is the subreddit for you.

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