It’s 2021 and we are seeing a huge influx of companies looking for B2B SEO support to replace lead gen strategies (e.g. events and direct sales) that are simply no longer viable. We stand out from other SEO agencies in the way we build links. As a B2B SEO agency, our approach to link building can be defined as PR-led. We analyse your personas, research your target audience, and plan content around topics that will engage and delight them. Here are 3 B2B link building campaign examples that have delivered.

Building links with data

We recently collected data via requests under the Freedom of Information Act on behalf of Access Self Storage. The campaign aimed to uncover which councils have the highest average parking ticket cost. This data-led campaign generated over 60 pieces of online coverage including 60+ high quality inbound links, from the likes of the Scotsman and the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Building links with advice

We have heaps of examples where our own team members and our clients have shared their expertise and advice on authoritative sites. For example,

  • Our own SEO expert Luke writing in B2B Marketing about using structured data.
  • Luke advising tech experts on SEO on the Databox blog
  • Our client Celerity advising businesses on deploying new solutions in New Digital Age
  • Bullhorn advising businesses on future-proofing their CRMs in Information Age

Links through business profiles

There is always the opportunity to profile exciting new businesses and these profiles very often lead to links. Take for example, our client Quinn being profiled in Forbes.

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