Environmental Branding and Design (EBD) is increasingly becoming an integral part of the employee experience.

It’s more than just decoration or wall art, it’s an opportunity to tell your story, engage your people and take ownership of your space.

Sounds great, right? We think so. Here are five things to consider about EBD that help to create an engaging workspace…

1) A sense of pride

One of the quickest routes to getting employees (old and new) on board with your values and purpose is to ingrain it into the DNA of your workplace. Create a sense of pride by putting as much effort into the wellbeing and surroundings of your employees as you do for your external audience. Employees are more likely to feel proud to be part of an organisation which invests in their environment and has transparent messaging and values.

2) A familiar space

On average, people spend close to 2,000 hours of their year working. Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment will make employees feel valued and part of something bigger, and the inspiring space will also help encourage a more productive workforce.

3) Think beyond the walls

Wall graphics can work really well and have a substantial impact on a space, but what about areas that are open plan, or multi-use? Floors, windows and lift areas could be the ideal place to integrate your messaging. Your only limitation is your imagination.

4) Take ownership

EBD can have a massive impact on employees, and one thing worth considering is how they can have their own input. Something as simple as a noticeboard or designated communal area to make a pledge or take a selfie could be the perfect opportunity to keep people engaged and keep conversation on a targeted campaign flowing.

5) Technology

EBD is so much more than vinyls. It is about creating a space to tell the story you want your employees to be a part of, and this isn’t restricted by medium. Large-scale screens or projectors can make a huge impact, and motion detection and interactive walls can be great for gaining participation from intrigued colleagues, keeping a close connection to the workforce.

Create a space where your employees feel completely connected with your culture, purpose and brand values, and ultimately you will create a comfortable, engaged and productive workforce.