Name: Lesley Foottit

Job title: Senior Account Manager

Location: London

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

As a journalist I met and interviewed some very high profile chefs which was exciting, like Tom Kerridge, Marco Pierre White and Heston Blumenthal. I was also invited onto London Live to record a live segment about the rise of the cronut and cupcake!

Who are your dream celeb dinner dates?

A comedian to crack the jokes, maybe Ricky Gervais; Anna Wintour, so she can tell me about all the other celebrities; and Chris Hemsworth for obvious reasons.

Your most-used saying or phrase?

Probably something like “Let’s just go for one” or “I’m tired” – the two are likely related!

What is your go-to source for news?

I like The Times as a physical paper, the BBC as an online source due to paywalls that I’m too cheap to subscribe for and for entertainment news, it has to be the much-reviled Daily Mail!

What is your favourite Corona Inn beverage?

I love a crisp dry white wine at the Corona Inn – nice and easy!