• Name: Louise Amy Watson-Dowell
  • Job title: Digital Account Director (heads up our B2B social media team)
  • Location: Leeds


  • Alternative job title:
    Erm… Social Media Guru? Online Content Ambassador? They all sound awful! I get called DAD in the office, that’ll do for me!


  • Who is your ‘hero’ (and why!):
    Hands down, my dad. He taught me the value of hard work and discipline, as well as not having to take everything so seriously all the time! Get on but have a laugh while you’re doing it, if you can – he has a wicked sense of humour


  • Top three desert island discs:
  1. These are the Days of Our Lives, Queen
  2. Moonlight Shadow, Mike Oldfield
  3. Paradise City, Guns n Roses
  • Your movie title for your life would be…:
    Louise is off on one again…


  • Your dream client (and why!):
    I’ve worked with a lot of breweries in my time and that was pretty good, for obvious reasons! I don’t know if I really have a dream client now. There are really interesting, different, powerful campaigns to develop for all sorts of brands and services, and that’s my main goal – delivering really good, insightful, well thought out, creative solutions.