At the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown in Europe, Soldo quickly adapted its business spending platform to enable the distribution of emergency aid to vulnerable citizens via prepaid cards. This initiative was called Soldo Care.

Soldo offered local authorities, councils and charities use of its platform and prepaid Mastercards® free of charge, so that those in need could access aid in a fast, convenient, and safe way.

Soldo needed to get the message out quickly and encourage associations to use its platform.


  • Quickly generate awareness of the Soldo Care initiative to local authorities and charities.
  • Achieve quality, multinational coverage.

The challenge

  • With the news agenda completely swamped by Covid-19, the story needed to have sharp cut through to appeal to saturated journalist inboxes.
  • Many brands tried to capitalise on the pandemic with free product offers and discounts, so the pitch needed to be careful not to present Soldo in this light.

Our Strategy

  • We focused on the first customer to adopt Soldo Care – the Municipality of Milan – and created a case-study-led story which highlighted the support the initiative brought to tens of thousands of Milanese citizens.
  • We explained how Soldo was able to make this service available so quickly, via its proprietary tech stack.

The work included:

  • Developing key messages.
  • Pan-European media relations (UK, FR, NL, GER, IT, ESP).
  • Full spokesperson media briefing.
  • Bespoke media release pitching and follow-ups.
  • Planning a comprehensive media Q&A.


Over two weeks, the campaign achieved:

  • 90 media hits (all positive).
  • 3 tier one interviews, including the BBC.
  • European national coverage, including Les Echos.
  • Coverage in top tier fintech media


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