Leading card payment solutions provider, WorldPay, wanted to be positioned as a champion of small business, and to generate leads for its small business card payments solution, so got us (a tech PR agency) involved.

We started with context

We conducted research that showed small business owners feel unsupported, and often overwhelmed by the demands of building their businesses.

Then built out our strategy

So we came up with an idea: create a community purely for small business owners, where they could find useful advice and information, submit their own stories, learn from others just like them, be entertained, and feel genuinely supported. Small Business Heroes, a blog and online community for the UK’s small business owner, was born.

Image of the Small Business Heroes logo

The results

The campaign worked. In the space of a year, Small Business Heroes:

  • Attracted over 12,000 members
  • Built the largest Facebook community of small businesses in the country
  • Garnered a mention in parliament after one of the blog’s campaigns caught the attention of a Labour MP.
  • Ranked on page one in Google search results for over 200 search terms
  • Won Best Business Blog at the UK Social Media Awards.
  • And generated over 500 inbound leads for WorldPay.

Working with Definition has been brilliant. They truly understand social media, how to engage with an audience, build a community, and how to integrate other digital marketing channels. The results have surprised many in our company. Driving an additional run rate of 50 leads a month from social is impressive.”  Maria Surrur, Digital Marketing Manager, WorldPay.


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