No doubt, like most companies out there looking to scale their businesses, you’ve had enough of outbound marketing’s empty promises and are looking for an inbound marketing service that delivers sales leads worth pursuing.

Yes, inbound marketing is the talk of the town but what is it really? How does it work? And what does an inbound marketing service provider actually do? All very good questions. As a leading B2B inbound marketing agency, we’re actually pretty good at this stuff (our clients think so too!) and can provide some answers.

The nuts and bolts of inbound marketing

Your customers are online, but so are all your competitors. People have more choice of products and services today than they did yesterday, and less time to consider them. Not only do you have to earn their trust in the blink of a click, you have to grab their interest too – or they’ll just move swiftly on to the next website. You’re scrabbling to keep up, spending budgets on ads and email lists, spraying and praying for some new leads. It’s all rather exhausting and very noisy – not to mention completely disjointed.

Enter inbound marketing, the magic methodology of the digital age. Instead of desperately hunting the net for your customers, you pull them towards you with good content that they want to read. Of course, for any inbound marketing service to actually work, this has to be solidly underpinned by a lead-gen focused strategy that sticks to the following mantra:

  1. Attract visitors
  2. Convert leads
  3. Close customers

How we develop inbound marketing strategies

Ultimately, you want more customers and more sales. But how much more? We start with your end goal and work backwards from there. Once the end goal is known, the number of deals you need to close to reach that goal is clear too. Which means working out how many new leads you need to generate is fairly straightforward. From here, we design a strategy that is creative yet detail-orientated, plugs straight into your sales function and is completely measurable.

1.    Content development

Our inbound marketing service puts a huge emphasis on developing content that is on-message and has a purpose. We only produce content that knows where it’s going, who it’s targeting and why – and only once we know what we want the reader to do after consuming it.

2. Your website

Your website is your online office, and needs to take centre stage. As a platform that is constantly evolving we continually test and review how it’s working to support your strategy.

3. Automated marketing software

We’re a HubSpot Certified Gold Partner which means we know how to use the industry’s leading inbound marketing software tool. A 2016 MIT study highlighted its staggering ROI: 3x more leads generated per month within one year. In fact, we believe it in so strongly that we’ve even used it on ourselves to great success. But – we’re not some inbound marketing service provider who relies on HubSpot to do all the hard work. Oh no, we roll up our sleeves and design strategies that are bespoke, creative and effective, reviewing and adapting them on a monthly basis so that we’re always delivering against your objectives. Need an integrated marketing agency in London (or anywhere else for that matter)? We can help.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help scale your business with an intelligent inbound marketing strategy, speak to our directors today.