As a B2B SEO agency, we’re constantly reading up on the latest search engine news so we can keep our clients on page one. Here are some of the stories from the past month that have had us talking around the (virtual) watercooler.

What is Google’s “super index”?

Google’s “Search Off the Record” podcast is a must-listen – it involves the teams quizzing one another on parts of the algorithm that they don’t directly work on, providing a rare opportunity to peek behind the curtain.

In a recent episode, John Mueller revealed that every part of search, like images, news and video, gets its own index. Google then takes the results from these indices to form a “super index” which determines what you actually see on the SERP. Clever!

Internal linking is your secret weapon

We revisited this excellent Search Engine Journal article about internal linking, which may well be the most underrated and underused tactic. In response to a question about getting internal product pages to rank organically, Google’s John Mueller recommended internal linking as the solution – both from blog posts and the rest of the website. Speaking of internal linking… have you heard about our SEO services?

Trends is trending

Google is repping the Trends tool on the search blog (the one-stop-shop for what’s new on Google’s end). Trends is extremely useful for building an SEO strategy. Our team uses it for link building info sources. First, we work out the trend, then we embed it a series of graphs in a blog, and then naturally link to it as a source.

The blog also included some fun facts about Trends:

  • Google suggests using “topics” instead of “terms” when possible. Topics are language agnostic and account for spelling variations (and mistakes!), as well as multiple names for the same thing.
  • Trends is real-time over the past week, and the data is minute-by-minute.
  • You can use Trends to see how different places search for the same thing and compare up to five topics or search terms across geographies.
  • The OECD uses Trends to track GDP each week, in between its quarterly releases, to get a more granular view of what’s happening to the world’s economy – something I’m sure our fintech clients would be interested to hear.

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