As an agency, we have worked within the social and affordable housing sector for more than a decade. The COVID-19 pandemic is imposing massive additional pressures on those organisations managing housing stock as they strive to help tenants and communities impacted by the economic fall-out and the challenges of social distancing.

At times of greatest urgency and concern, clear and timely communication with those requiring your help and advice, the multiple stakeholders within the sector, from Government to regulatory authorities, is vital. But when your focus is, understandably, on delivering front line services, this can be an unwelcome distraction.

Inspired by the recent partnership between the NHS and the private health sector, under which the latter is providing thousands of doctors, nurses and medical resources at COST, we want to do the same. This is not the time to focus on profit but on providing skills and services that can help those dealing with many of the social consequences of the pandemic.

So, if your communications team is under pressure or short-staffed as members are re-directed to help on more urgent, customer facing activity or, indeed, you do not have a professional communications resource, we are offering the services of our highly experienced teams ‘AT COST’ only during this crisis period and its immediate aftermath.

The benefit for us as an agency is that we can keep as many of our team working as possible during a period when activity for other clients is paused and we have available resource.

If you think we can help then just contact to discuss any of our comprehensive range of communications and engagement services.