For years, businesses have been making moves towards greater flexible working freedoms so that employees can achieve a better work-life balance.

Now, COVID-19 has catapulted the entire global workforce into remote working – where possible – and it has come with great benefits, as well as a few challenges. Without any bedding in period or even a trial, this is the new world for all and we are in a period of adjustment.

Luckily, our colleagues across all three Definition offices were already set up with the necessary hardware and tech to dive into our new norm. We are nearing the end of our second successful week of working from home and we’re proud of how we have adapted so far. While client service is our utmost priority, we have dedicated significant time to figuring out what works for us individually and as a team to keep us productive, motivated and – above all – healthy. Check out our top tips for a happy workforce below:

  1. Stick to your routine (as much as possible!):

While sleeping in and making it to your screen at 8.59 may seem like a good idea, it is likely to have a lasting impact on your productivity levels. It is important to hang on to normality and find your new routine. Wake up at the same time each morning, set aside some time for light exercise or meditation and dress as though you are heading into the office. It will give you a sense of accomplishment and is psychologically heathier to instil a routine this way.  And you’ll look professional on the video calls with the team.

  1. Stay connected:

The key to working from home is maintaining consistent communication with your boss and other colleagues. As well as daily scheduled video calls, it is important that colleagues know their line managers are contactable – on voice and video – in case they need support.  The advancement of technology is a blessing, with various software platforms available for team chat from WhatsApp and Microsoft teams to Slack and Zoom.  We are using them all!

  1. Mirror your office desk set up at home (as much as possible!):

We might be in a short-term situation at the moment but that’s no reason not to think of the physicality of working. Uncomfortable chairs and unfriendly angles will distract you from your work. Set up a desk somewhere peaceful where you can concentrate and, where possible, avoid placing your workstation in your bedroom or living room. These areas are designed for relaxation and you need to be able to switch off mentally and physically at the end of the day.

  1. Take regular breaks:

As you would in the office, make sure you are taking regular breathers from the desk and screen.  If you live alone and are self-isolating, have a short chat with a colleague, family member or friend to mix up your day and motivate you for the next big project you have on your daily tick-list. Make sure you head out for some fresh air once a day and keep your body active as well as your mind.

  1. Stay positive:

Positivity, above everything, is the key while working from home due to current self-isolation measures. Reflecting on the positives that have happened throughout the day and making active behavioural and social changes to instil positivity such as organising social events with employees and sending positive messages to your team members, will make all the difference.


With COVID-19 impacting every sector, the need to be agile and respond quickly to reassure clients, customers and stakeholders is more important than ever.

There is so much information in the public sphere it’s vital you have a plan in place for communicating with your customers, staff and stakeholders, responding quickly in a clear, calm manner.

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