Generation Z (also known as post-millennials), will account for 40% of all consumers by 2020.

Referring to those born after 1995, Generation Z are currently entering the workforce; and as they do, their earning and buying power will increase dramatically. Without a doubt, this will mean big changes for businesses across the board.

For any company looking to sell – whether it be a specific product, a service, or a job – determining the best ways to market to Generation Z should now be high priority.

Here’s everything you need to know about engaging and marketing to Generation Z.


How to market to Generation Z

  1. Use technology to your advantage
    It goes without saying that those born post-1995 are more technologically-savvy than the previous generation. Not only that, but they spend more time online than any previous generation; so why not market to them where we know they are? If your company is not already active across all social media channels, set up your profiles as soon as possible; and keep them all up-to-date with fresh, relevant content including images, video and status updates. It’s also a good idea to consider the potential value of newer marketing methods – text rather than email, influencer marketing over product placement, video instead of television advertisements, and so on. Keeping up to date with tech trends will help you stay in-tune with what Generation Z are currently looking for.
  2. Focus on creating quick, digestible content
    Reportedly, the average attention span of a post-millennial is 8 seconds (vs. 12 seconds for millennials). With access to countless tech products, social media platforms, websites and adverts, it’s important to catch the attention of the Generation Z’er as quickly as possible. Rather than writing long-form content for your website, or text-heavy captions on your social media posts, focus on quick, easy-to-digest content, engaging images and bite-size video clips – and stay up-to-date with trending topics and themes to ensure they are always relevant.
  3. Remember your purpose
    Generation Z are increasingly focused on social and environmental responsibility. In fact, it was recently reported that 60% of Gen Z’ers would support brands that take a stand on social issues. Whether you’re looking to recruit them or sell a product to them, focusing on your business’ corporate social responsibility policy is a great way to engage post-millennials and boost brand reputation.
  4. Interact with Generation Z long-term
    Generation Z are apparently less concerned with flash sales and quick wins; and more with long-term brand engagement and trust. You can build up this trust with regular communications, and exclusive deals and insights that will help to ensure your Gen Z customers feel loyalty to your company.
  5. Optimise mobile experience
    If you’re looking to successfully market to Generation Z, a mobile-first marketing strategy is essential. A smartphone is the average post-millennial’s most-used device; so mobile optimisation is key. This applies to your website, emails, blog, and social media; all need to look just as good, and be just as easy to navigate, on mobile as on web. Likewise if you know your audience is predominantly on mobile, don’t bother with desktop advertising; focus on targeting only mobile users. If you’re really serious about marketing to Gen Z, consider things like starting an app, allowing you to send push notifications to mobile users.

With Generation Z about to hold a lot of buying power, it’s time for companies across every sector to consider how best to market to the newest demographic.

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