In our latest ‘Journo Intel’ entry, we had the opportunity to learn what makes the Bloomberg business desk tick from UK business correspondent, Sabah Meddings.

As an experienced business journalist, formerly of The Sunday Times and Daily Mail, Sabah shared valuable insights on how PR pros can effectively pitch stories to Bloomberg.

So, let’s dive into what we learned!

Bloomberg boasts two main platforms: the Terminal and the website. The Terminal targets professionals, employers, and analysts, providing exclusive scoops and earnings news. On the other hand, the website caters to a broader consumer audience interested in business-related topics, similar to the Financial Times.

Sabah’s current role focuses on covering UK business news and prominent people moves. Her preference lies in conducting interviews with business leaders and crafting insightful features.

What to pitch

  1. Engaging stories for both platforms: when pitching to Bloomberg, aim for stories that are suitable for both the Terminal and the website. The Terminal can enhance the depth and impact of online-only stories.
  2. Appeal to the business-oriented audience: Bloomberg’s readership exhibits a particular interest in stories related to entrepreneurs, leadership, and other business-centric subjects, as well as major economic indicators, such as house prices. Crafting stories that align with these interests will increase your chances of catching Sabah’s attention.
  3. Exclusives and expert comments: Bloomberg values exclusivity. Offering exclusive comments from industry experts and analysts adds significant appeal to your story. Remember, stories covered more broadly may not be as appealing unless they hold exceptional significance.
  4. Timing is crucial: Sabah’s mornings are typically the busiest, particularly between 7 and 8am. For the best chance of coverage, ensure your pitch reaches Sabah before the morning rush.
  5. Interesting individuals and ‘newsmakers’: Sabah emphasised the importance of pitching people who are considered ‘newsmakers’ – individuals who say or do things that are newsworthy. When pitching, focus on highlighting the headline and striking a balance between the person behind the CEO and their noteworthy statements. Fascinating personalities and opinions can significantly enhance the appeal of your story.

How and when to pitch

For non-urgent matters, email is the best way to pitch stories to Sabah. However, if you have an urgent matter, a phone call or text message may be more appropriate. Collaboration between the business, finance and city teams is common at Bloomberg, so determining the right journalist to approach with your story is essential.

While email is her preferred communication method for reports and press releases, Sabah admits she may not always be on top of her inbox. A well-timed follow-up is often necessary. Sabah is also very open to in-person meetings, lunches, and coffees to build her network and foster future relationships.

Sabah checks her emails around 7am and works until approximately 6pm. Content discussing London’s prospects, the UK’s position on the world stage, and lessons from the US, particularly regarding inflation, can be of great interest.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of securing coverage with Bloomberg, reaching a diverse, influential and uniquely global business audience.

You can follow Sabah on Twitter at @sabahmeddings

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Written by Matthew Robinson, senior PR and digital strategist at Definition