Market-leading Access Self Storage was looking to attract more online leads and decrease its cost per lead. To do this, Access needed to generate more leads from organic search.

Access had the following objectives:

  • To identify what keywords consumers use to find self-storage solutions
  • To boost its website rankings for those keywords
  • To attract more leads from organic search
  • To remove penalties imposed by Google for previous spammy SEO activity

The Context

Access operates in a highly competitive market, and, with over 50 stores across the country, needed to make sure that it ranked for local keywords relevant to each store.

In addition, a previous SEO supplier had tried to game Google’s algorithm which had resulted in a manual action and Access being deindexed.

The Strategy

We developed a highly bespoke local SEO strategy that included:

  • Intensive keyword research to identify over 350 keywords that could send customers to the Access site
  • Meta data optimisation
  • Local landing page copy focussed on store location and vicinities
  • Regular blog content based on the affiliate interests of converting customers
  • Optimised horizontal and vertical internal linking structure
  • Google My Business, Apple Maps Connect, Bing Places for Business and Facebook verification and optimisation
  • My Business review building
  • Citation cleaning and building
  • Editorial driven link building
  • Competitor backlink and content monitoring
  • Desktop and mobile keyword tracking, organic traffic and cost per acquisition measurement

The results

The campaign delivered:

  • 90 followed links with an average domain authority of 9
  • A 230% increase in relevant keywords ranking (115 vs 380)
  • Manual action removed by Google
  • A 56% increase in UK organic traffic
  • A 117% increase in organic UK leads
  • A 117% decrease in cost per acquisition

Working with the team, has resulted in our desktop keyword and mobile rankings smashing previous records; we’ve never had as many keywords ranking in the top five – the result of this is our organic leads have hit a record high and our cost per acquisition has dropped 117% to an all-time record low. They take an ethical content-led approach to search marketing and we’re delighted with the results.”

Stavros Vichos, Marketing Manager, Access Self Storage

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