Definition has worked with Nautilus since 2015, delivering a variety of services including media relations, reputation management, creating and delivering a series of animations, videos and digital content to increase social engagement and high-level campaigning activity. This supported Nautilus’s strategic campaigns in promoting seafarers across the UK and beyond, with a focus on Jobs, Skills and the Future, Crew Communications and Fair Treatment.

Definition’s dedicated Writers Inc team developed a suite of bespoke publications especially for the event, including a 64 page General Meeting report, a Fair Treatment app to give seafarers the opportunity to report cases of unfair treatment, a 28 page report to support the launch of the app, an interactive website showcasing the content of the General Meeting report, and two videos showcasing the Union’s work over the last four years, and one looking forward to the next four years.

The app, which launched exclusively to members at the General Meeting, was a first for the agency as we worked with Nautilus to develop a programme to support seafarers who may need to report an incident whilst at sea. A survey carried out by the Union revealed 90 per cent of seafarers said fair treatment and the risk of criminalisation concerns them and two thirds said it impacted on the way they felt about working in shipping. We worked closely with a trusted partner to develop an app using low bandwidth and allowing users to upload details of any incidents, including photography, video and recordings, and detailing a global contact network to access wherever seafarers are in the world.

The work captured the expanse of work delivered by the Union for its members and the successes it has secured over the last four years. Nautilus International General Secretary, Mark Dickinson said: “The Union’s General Meeting takes place every four years and we report back on four years’ worth of activity. This represents a substantial amount of information and we wanted to be able to present it in a way that members would find informative, interesting and engaging.

“Being able to focus on success stories and being able to use a variety of media to present the information, including a short video, a print report and online interactive report means we can engage with our stakeholders like never before.”

Definition has a wealth of experience working with member organisations across a range of sectors, including housing, health, maritime and charity, delivering high-level engagement programmes to impact real change for members and stakeholders.

 Rebecca Jackson, Account Director