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For starters, millennials are twice as likely as generation X to favour a brand that shares its stance on environmental and social issues. Therefore, sustainability strategies are more important than ever, as millennials enter their late thirties/early forties and become the new generation of B2B buyers.

Aside from reputational considerations, companies are spending a lot of money to decarbonise their operations and investors are directing capital towards sectors and companies accordingly. McKinsey estimates that low carbon technologies will attract $1.5 trillion to $2 trillion of capital investment per year by 2025, so the appetite for discussion in the sector will continue to grow.

On that basis, here’s our rundown of all the need-to-knows regarding the UK’s sustainability media, as well as some of its most prominent journalists.

The top sustainability publications


BusinessGreen covers everything from policy and management to green technology. All its news, features and analyses are free to access on the website. The ‘Overnight Briefing’ newsletter is for premium members and focuses on what you’ll need to start a green business, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

The team is big on networking, hosting a yearly Net Zero Festival, where business leaders have the chance to be interviewed by editor-in-chief James Murray. James also runs the ‘BusinessGreen Podcasts’*, discussing all things net-zero and innovations in climate tech. If you want to get involved with the podcasts (or a story), drop editors Michael Holder and Cecilia Keating a line. We also recommend you check out their LinkedIn group to speak to others in the industry.

*The BusinessGreen Podcasts is available on Spotify and Apple.

ESG Clarity

Part of the Bonhill group (which you can learn more about in our Journo Intel blog with its editor in chief, Julian Marr), ESG Clarity is for financial advisers, analysts and fund selectors interested in responsible investments and ESG.podcast where the team interviews leaders in sustainable business. Our main contact is award-winning journalist Natalie Kenway, the editor of ESG Clarity, so drop her a line if you have a story to pitch.

The Guardian

The Guardian has reported on climate change for more than 100 years, and they still publish thousands of climate stories every year, due in large part to their climate pledge, which guarantees new climate-related reportage every day.

The Guardian has a huge team covering all things sustainability, climate change, and the environment. Some of the journalists worth following are: Fiona HarveyDamien Gayle and Damian Carrington. It’s also worth listening to their biweekly podcast  ‘Science Weekly’, presented by science correspondent, Nicola K S Davis, which is loaded with the latest science and environmental news.

Sustainable Views

Under the Financial Times Group, Sustainable Views is a news source aimed at financial service professionals. It covers developments in sustainability policy and regulation, the impact of ESG on capital markets and the transition to a green economy.

Its comment section offers experts the chance to discuss current trends and policy measures.

If you have some data that you think they could use, you can contact the team via the news desk – sustainable.views@ft.com. Alternatively, you can write to the editor, who also hosts the Sustainable Views podcast which aims to make sense of all things ESG (and there are opportunities for guests there).

Carbon Brief

UK-based Carbon Brief specialises in making climate science, climate policy and energy policy more accessible. Using a range of graphics and a concise, data-driven approach to articles, Carbon Brief helps you understand the science behind climate change and the policies designed to address it. On their website, you’ll find all sorts of content such as interviews, fact checks and analysis, and science explainers. There’s also a daily and weekly news round email of all the happenings in the climate change space.

The team always welcomes data that is both relevant and newsworthy – just make sure it fits into their main categories: science, energy and policy. They also run a guest post page where experts can publish valuable analysis and insight.

Carbon Brief boasts some impressive experience: director/editor Leo Hickman spent 16 years at the Guardian and was the WWF-UK’s chief climate change advisor. Deputy editor and senior policy editor, Simon Evans also secured Press Gazette’s energy and environment journalist of the year award in 2022. If you’re interested in learning more, why not follow them on Twitter?

Contact the news desk if you want to get involved info@carbonbrief.org

Financial Times

The FT boasts impressive sustainability coverage that caters to both business leaders and those who just want to learn more.

In the Climate Capital section, you’ll find a wide array of articles and explainers on climate change, responsible investing and more. This is courtesy of the FT’s very best climate, energy and sustainability reporters – lots to get stuck into! Each week the team picks a topic to dive into, with a graphic and accompanying explainer to help you better understand the big stuff.

Then there’s the newsletter, Moral Money, which deals more with the business and investment side of things. Expect to see commentary surrounding sustainable finance, socially responsible business, impact investment, ESG trends and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals here.

As always with the FT, the team read the comments, so if you’ve got an opinion, share it in the comment section. If there’s a particular trend you want to jump on, you can also drop one of the journalists an email – it’s a great way to build connections and, who knows, maybe they’ll quote you! Any other things, like tips, can be directed straight to the FT’s climate editor, Emiliya Mychasuk or natural resources editor, Leslie Hook.

You can also find the climate team on Twitter: Emiliya Mychasuk, Aime Williams and Camilla Hodgson.

The Moral Money team can also be found on Twitter: Simon Mundy, Kenza Bryan, and Patrick Temple-West.

That’s all for now, but if you aren’t sure how best to communicate your commitment to sustainability, why not get in touch? We help companies break free from greenwashing and tell their sustainability stories with authentic, on message, media coverage. If you’re interested, contact us to discuss your needs.

Written by Katie Chodosh, media relations director and Jasmin Martin, media relations executive at Definition.