Of course you do. Here’s how.

To get your clients in the UK tech media spotlight, they need to stand out with a good story. That may sound simple enough but these journalists are busy people. They’re hungry for industry news – but only if it’s newsworthy. By all means, share your clients’ commentary, opinion, whitepapers and advice; but if the information is stale, don’t expect a headline in any of the leading publications.

To make sure your pitches don’t fall flat, you need to know which topics are trending across various sectors. And then you need to reach out to the right media outlet with the right information. As a top-notch technology PR agency, we’ve worked hard to perfect our pitching. As a group of really rather nice people, we thought we’d share some of what we know.

This short video below will give you a broad and up-to-date overview of the UK tech media scene – and how to grab its attention. Enjoy!