Want to work at Definition? You should! Here’s why.

When describing the experience of working at a particular business, it’s very easy to fall into the old, reliable corporate clichés. Many agencies believe that a few beanbags, some free candy, and a vague mission statement about ‘connecting people and the brands they love’ is enough to make them appealing.

To all of that, we say ‘no’. You don’t have to be crazy to work here, and it probably won’t help. Our chairs are adjustable, ergonomic, and proudly upright – except for the one bad chair (every office has one bad chair). We provide free fruit, because candy rots your teeth, but we don’t treat it as a substitute for culture, values, and rewards and opportunities.

Because culture, values, rewards, and opportunities are important to every employee, and they’re important to us too: we want to keep our team intact over the long-term. Dangling shiny baubles might get you to join us, but it won’t get you to stay.

Here are four reasons why people who join Definition tend to stick around.

The culture

Definition is a business for smart, ambitious, geeky people: the kind of individuals who work well within a structured, well-oiled marketing machine – while using their initiative and taking full command of their briefs. To hire this sort of person, we’ve had to create a very specific company culture across our offices in London and Cape Town: one where employees are empowered to do their best work.

So while we have plenty of fun office perks – especially in London, with its ping pong table, the games console, the office dog and the Friday beers – we’re also a relentlessly process-driven business. Wherever you work, be it the comms, content, SEO, or video team, you’ll have a clear methodology to help you deliver the best work: one we’re constantly revising and improving to boot.

We also make sure to pack our social calendar with fun events that you’ll actually want to attend. Come for the free drinks, stay for the chance to see your line manager belt out an extremely avant-garde rendition of Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel.

The values

Okay, fine, every business bangs on about its values, and few really hew to them. Google, for example, used to claim its corporate credo was ‘Don’t be evil’, and now it makes Black Mirror-style military robot dogs.

But we’ve only got a few values, and we stick to them.

We’re positive. After all, we started off as a PR firm, and you kind of have to be an optimist to assume that any journalist wants to talk to you in this industry. Problems can’t be solved when they’re approached with negativity – and we apply this attitude to our staff, too. If you’re struggling, we’ll be proactive about helping you get where you need to be; if you’re soaring, we’ll cheer you on and encourage you to do even better.

We’re also creative. If clients wanted boring, off-the-shelf marketing solutions, they’d have gone somewhere else. We want our work to challenge our employees and expand our ideas about what we can do. We hire people who look for the angle that nobody else can see.

And we’re driven by data. We provide clear KPIs, comprehensive time-tracking, and regular performance reports – internal and external – so you’ll always know how you and your clients are doing, and how you can improve.

The rewards

There are several honest and professional reasons to work for us, and they are detailed lovingly above and below. But everyone has that slightly piratical instinct: the part of themselves that asks, without embarrassment: “What’s in it for me?”

Well, besides a competitive salary and a generous holiday policy, you’ll get a WHOLE BUNCH OF PERKS. We recently hired a talent manager to revamp our entire employee offering and benefits. Our employees are extremely pleased. There’s several discounts available with several major brands, an annual wellbeing bonus, time off for Christmas shopping, a late start on your birthday, a cycle to work scheme, and the opportunity to work from home (as the business allows).

Working at Definition is highly rewarding – and we mean that literally. You can find out more about our rewards in your region on our recruitment page.

The opportunities

Finally, working for Definition gives you the chance to develop your career and your skills in your preferred direction. We’re always looking for junior employees to augment their capabilities through training, events, and mentorship. We’ve sent hires at all levels of seniority to Boston for HubSpot’s Inbound Conference, Brighton for, um, BrightonSEO and Seattle for MozCon. We offer access to comprehensive online training courses, and recently hosted a NowGoCreate creative session in our offices.

We’re committed to helping you craft your own distinct skillset: whether you need training in Microsoft Excel, copywriting, or video editing, we’ll work to give you the opportunity.

Why? Because we’re not just committed to hiring the best professionals: we’re committed to creating them. We’ll give you the tools you need to succeed. From there, it’s up to you.

If you want to work at Definition, we can’t blame you. The good news is that we’re hiring. You can apply for a job here.