Disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, climate-related events, and geopolitical tensions have created severe turbulence in the global supply chain landscape. The conflict in Ukraine is only the latest jolt, with Brexit and staff and container shortages continuing to add to the challenges.

These challenges have also thrown a curve ball at marketers: marketing teams in the industry must adjust to the new normal while maintaining or increasing brand awareness. The insights of key publications, and inclusion within them, are a crucial component of a successful marketing strategy to compete for orders and top talent.

As an industry-leading logistics PR agency, we have fantastic working relationships with the top-ranking industry media and national journalists writing about the sector. To help you keep abreast of the industry and air your news and views, our logistics media relations team has put together a list of the top titles in the UK, Middle East, and Africa.

Logistics Business – UK

Published quarterly and with a 20,000 circulation, the magazine regards itself as the only pan-European journal covering all aspects of logistics, supply chain, warehousing, and materials handling. Sustainability is one of Logistics Business Magazine’s key content drivers, providing market-leading insights and trends on green packaging and materials movement.

How to get in

Logistic Business Magazine comprises four categories: transport and distribution, materials handling and warehousing, packaging and e-commerce, and IT in logistics. If you can tailor your pitch to a specific part of the website, you have more chance of getting in, plus it shows that you understand the publication!

Many of the articles are aimed at bolstering growth in the logistics industry. Therefore, it’s a good idea to talk about the problem that you are solving in logistics (which is, in turn, helping the sector grow) or by providing data on relevant industry statistics.

They are open to byline articles, comment pieces, and interviews. We always recommend leading with a strong opinion – the more controversial, the better. Otherwise, consider discussing problems within the industry that need a solution or predictions for where the industry’s going.

Logistics Magazine (Logistics UK)

Formerly the Freight Transport Association, Logistics UK is one of the country’s largest trade associations, with members moving goods by road, rail, sea, and air. Its weekly digital-only magazine is an excellent example of top-quality content from an association. The ABC-audited circulation of more than 30,000 outstrips those of many trade titles and offers access to an often-hard-to-reach audience.

How to get in

Logistics Magazine (Logistics UK) is more of a resource than a pitching opportunity. You’ll find all the latest opinions and official comments from Logistics UK on breaking news in the sector and stay informed about upcoming events.

We recommend reaching out to collaborate on research with them as Amazon did. This is the most likely way to appear in this magazine.

Logistics Manager – UK

Boasting a 60-year-old legacy of trusted journalism, this is arguably the leading monthly magazine for supply chain leaders in the UK’s largest industrial, retail, and commercial organisations. The magazine has a circulation of 10,458. Editorial content focuses on the core competencies of modern logistics and supply chain management. Topics include supply chain best practices, freight transportation management, 3PL (third party logistics), global logistics and supply chain management and software, and warehouse and distribution operations.

How to get in

If you have comments, expert advice, or opinions on industry trends to share, we suggest you supply them as quotes in articles or as part of their ‘quotes of the month’ section (page 4) alongside other industry leaders.

If you have a truly innovative product to pitch – such as a tech update that optimises supply chain operations and improves buyer outcomes – the regular “Inside Innovations” section is the perfect platform. A case study supported by images will add credible weight to your story.

Railways Africa

Railways Africa is the authoritative source of news and information for Africa’s rail industry. Appearing weekly online and six times a year in print, the publication’s readers include decision-makers in mines, transport services, municipalities, government, and operators in Central, East, West, North, and Southern Africa.

How to get in

If you have video content to share, then this is your opportunity. Videos showcasing how companies are developing the industry and overcoming barriers will get preference.

Publisher Phillipa Dean also runs a video interview series titled “Coffee with the editor”, where she talks to CEOs and industry leaders about industry news, trends, and industry challenges.

Focus – UK

Focus Magazine is the official mouthpiece of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, boasting over 33,000 members. With 12 editions a year, the publication is always on the lookout for contributions from members, individuals, organisations, and academics. The institute represents professionals in the movement of goods and people and their associated supply chains and aims to promote logistics, transport, and supply operations to broader society.

How to get in

In the magazine’s “The Interview” section, influential industry leaders with strong opinions can provide insight into trends shaping the logistics industry’s future. The focus is primarily on sustainability, innovation, and inclusivity, so providing a comment or expert insight on these issues could be a good way into the publication’s pages.

The institute also hosts several annual events with good speaker opportunities, such as the CILT conference and the Transport Practitioners’ Meeting. They also host webinars focusing on the industry’s future.

Logistics News – South Africa/Africa

With a readership of more than 25,000 professionals across many client sectors, Logistics News is by far the continent’s largest logistics and supply chain title. The bi-monthly magazine covers every aspect of the value chain – from raw material sourcing to last-mile deliveries. It’s the only South African publication that provides research, thought leadership articles, case studies, book reviews, company profiles, and general news.

How to get in

The publication is a great forum to share insight on relevant topics such as data trends, post-COVID recovery, and innovative tech updates. This can be in the form of thought leadership articles, case studies, or company profiles.

A top tip is for authors who have written books on logistics. You can send your book for review and have it posted on their website.

Logistics Middle East – Dubai, UAE

Chalking up more than 118,000 monthly visits, this title is the go-to Middle East portal for news, analysis, and thought leadership on transport, air cargo, maritime, supply chain, IT, warehousing, and distribution. Logistics Middle East also organises events and conferences for the region’s supply chain and logistics leaders and influencers. Its pre-eminent awards programme is now in its 16th year.

How to get in

Your quickest way in here is if you have data or insights on business evolution, technology, or market challenges. Another topic with high appeal addresses issues related to the industry’s future, such as sustainability and digitalisation.

Of course, supply chain insiders may have different ideas about their top media outlets, dictated by their specific needs, goals, and operating areas. However, the best way of working with the listed or other publications requires a tried-and-tested logistics PR partner. The right agency can broker relationships with journalists to help the publications access industry insights while elevating the logistics brand’s marketing objectives.