Content marketing and PR for inbound lead gen

As experts in data analytics and CRM, sales-i has earned a place as a major industry player in the sales enablement space.

The company approached the Definition team looking to drive further growth. Its main objectives were to gain recognition amongst prominent UK- and US-based sales directors in key sectors, while simultaneously working on direct lead generation.

The Definition B2B PR team embarked on a campaign to position sales-i in front of the right people in the US and UK across six verticals. Activity included fostering connections with analysts, running surveys and building and executing an SEO strategy alongside the PR activity to increase sales-i’s organic website traffic.

Meanwhile, Definition’s B2B content team created a variety of assets, highlighting the software’s key features, catering to prospects through the marketing funnel. Amongst these were eight how-to guides, over 20 blog posts, three infographics, and four filmed customer case studies.


The media relations team landed an impressive coverage haul, including 22 interviews and 269 quality pieces of media coverage featuring 71 inbound followed links, which helped boost SEO performance.

  • 269 pieces of media coverage secured
  • 300% increase in inbound leads
  • 4 filmed case studies


“Eighteen months later, we’ve seen a marked increase in inbound leads generated per month, and sales-i’s reputation is on the rise. Our report on building a high-performing sales team was downloaded over 275 times by sales directors and managers in our target markets. The team’s like an extension of ours!”

Natalie Davies, Marketing Executive at sales-i

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