Quality as a differentiator

Ovako is a European producer of sustainable high-tech steel products for customers in the bearing, transport, and manufacturing industries. Being a niche manufacturer, they were keen to establish their metallurgists as a source of expert advice for mechanical engineers and raise their profile as a supplier of the highest quality clean steel.

They were looking for an agency with specialist knowledge and our STEM team, which consists of people with materials science and engineering degrees, were ideal for the task. Our remit was to create high-level content and build relationships with key media. The scope comprised web articles, technical reports, case studies, and social media posts for international networks.


Over the past five years, we’ve succeeded in creating technical content that explains how Ovako’s high-performance steel adds value to global automotive manufacturing, bearings, and mechanical transmission sectors.

  • Over 40 thought leadership pieces published
  • Numerous high-level technical reports on topics such as clean steel and machining were written and published
  • Regular posts on the Chinese social media platform WeChat


“We’re very pleased with Definition. Your team speaks the same language as our experts and can get to the core of our technology and what it can do. As a result, you are helping us cut through to our target audiences”

Anna Dansk, Head of Group Marketing Communications at Ovako.


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