Google just recently signed an expanded partnership with Reddit. Which is pretty important for anyone who cares about getting their website noticed.

That’s because Google now has the keys to all the stuff that gets posted on Reddit, from funny cat videos, to the forums debating the merits of the American presidents (my personal fav), to in-depth SaaS discussions. So this deal could change how you get your website to show up when people use Google to look for things.

So what does that mean?

You’ll see more Reddit content in Google searches

Google has been prioritising first-hand experience when ranking content. And where better to get first-hand experiences than the chats people are having on Reddit?

If a lot of people are talking about a certain product or idea on Reddit, that might start to show up more when you look it up on Google, especially in the form of rich snippets. The same applies for people looking for information or an answer to a particular question.

Google searches are getting smarter

By having access to Reddit’s vast mix of topics and the ways in which people talk about them, Google’s AI-driven search tools could get better at understanding what we mean when we search.

Making sense of how humans talk can help Google figure out what exactly we’re looking for, use this data to train its large language models (LLMs), and serve up the content that best matches our search.

It’s time to get on Reddit

This new connection means that Reddit could help both your SEO and PR efforts. If your business is active on Reddit and showcasing its expertise on industry hot topics, it’ll be more likely that your website or name will show up when people search for related keywords or phrases.

Five ways to use Reddit today for SEO

  1. Keep an eye on Reddit trends: If something’s trending on Reddit, knowing about it and maybe joining in could be good for your brand’s organic visibility.
  2. Get into real conversations: Since Google’s putting Reddit chats out there more, becoming part of genuine discussions on Reddit could help your website’s chances of showing up in searches. The key is being authentic and bringing something actually helpful to the table.
  3. Find new niche topics: The stuff people ask about on Reddit can be really specific. So it’s great for keyword research and discovering content for niche audiences.
  4. Chatting is the new link building: For a long time, getting other websites to link to yours has been a key focus for SEO. Now, as it’s getting more important to signal Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust (EEAT), getting a lot of people talking about your brand and its content on Reddit could be just as – if not more – beneficial.
  5. Watch for new ways to show up on Google: Google’s prioritising new ‘content-forward’ ways to show Reddit in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Trying optimising your content for these snippets or other SERP features (e.g., images, videos).

Despite its potential for more useful and personalised search, few brands are making the most of Reddit to enhance their B2B PR and B2B SEO efforts.

Is it time for your business to ‘upvote’ and reap the benefits? Chat to our SEO experts today.

Matthew Robinson 2

Written by Matthew Robinson, Senior PR and Digital Strategist, Definition