Equals Money

300 business, finance and national media hits

Equals Money is a money management platform designed to make business payments, spending, and expenses easier. It caters to businesses from dynamic startups to established Hollywood studios, helping them get the most from their money.

Equals Group – the parent company – had plenty of experience in the consumer space but wanted help putting its business-focused brand in the spotlight. They needed an experienced fintech PR agency, so they came to us.

To help support Equals Money’s ambitious business growth and customer acquisition objectives, Definition set out to build awareness and establish the company’s credibility through thought leadership on money management, card payments, and international currency transactions.

Definition worked with Equals’ experts to create a thought leadership programme. Definition focused in on topics that businesses care about: how SMEs can get more for their money – especially in a challenging business and economic environment. The content Definition produced covered everything from spend management to employee expenses, currency hedging, international payments and more.

At the same time, Definition worked with Equals to produce a daily currency market report. Definition knew that this sort of in-depth analysis can be extremely valuable to the media, so researched a highly targeted list of finance journalists and made sure the report made it to their inboxes every day. They loved it – and the report was picked up by nearly every major national, financial and business publication in the UK.

The Definition team also used its B2B PR knowledge to design research campaigns that would get business customers’ attention. Definition developed research-led insights on how macroeconomic issues such as Brexit, Covid-19 and inflation impact SMEs. The results were a hit with the media and the target demographics, and Equals used them to bolster its wider marketing efforts across key verticals.


Working closely with Equals Money, Definition delivered a total of 300 quality media hits in just over 18 months, as well as over 250 media hits for the market report. Definition achieved more than 644 million coverage impressions, and Definition’s B2B SEO team established 58 backlinks from authoritative sources.

  • More than 250 media hits from currency market commentary
  • Over 644 million coverage impressions
  • 58 high-quality inbound links built
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