Generating leads using digital marketing

Payment processor and technology provider Worldpay is the leading facilitator for card payments in the UK and reaches millions of SMEs all over the world.

Worldpay reached out to us to drive interest in its small business offering. They wanted to generate PR by providing resources that SMEs would genuinely use, as they knew that busy SME owners were drowning in information and treating suppliers with scepticism.

We were excited to take on the challenge and reinforce Worldpay’s position as an expert in small business issues – it was the perfect chance to flex our content marketing muscle.

Our first task was to analyse the nature and quality of the existing content targeted at small business owners. What we found was mostly bland and lacking in personality, revealing a huge opportunity for anyone ready, willing and able to produce smart, engaging content focused on the people behind small businesses.

We decided to fill the gap by creating one of the country’s leading small business blogs. It celebrated the heroes behind small business, offering readable, entertaining and useful content aimed straight at the SME market.


We founded Facebook’s biggest UK SME community, caught the attention of politicians and celebrities, generated a loyal following and built a lead gen engine that now produces over 50 small business leads a month.

The Small Business Heroes blog, sponsored by Worldpay, also quickly caught the attention of the UK’s neglected SME market. Within 18 months, it had already earned over 9,000 unique monthly readers and was named the 2014 UK Social Media Awards’ Best Business Blog.

  • 9,000+ unique monthly readers
  • Created the largest UK SME Facebook community
  • Winner of The UK Social Media Awards Best Business Blog 2014


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