Medtech credibility

Oxford-based medtech startup Ultromics leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse echocardiography. The company’s technology supports medical professionals and increases the chance of catching heart conditions early.

The founders of Ultromics approached us following a £10 million Series A funding round with the goals of raising brand awareness and establishing the brand’s credibility with its target audience. Our healthtech PR team developed a strategy and worked alongside Ultromics to launch their product, EchoGo Core.

Our team’s strategy began with a fact-finding mission. We developed an understanding of the market, researched Ultromics’ target audience and competitors, and made connections with leading publications. The team settled on three key stakeholders to target: patients, clinicians, and procurement teams.

Our team then used multiple news events, including the closing of the Series A funding round and US FDA approval of the product, to build anticipation. Simultaneously, we established the Ultromics team as thought leaders in the medical AI space. This effort culminated in a major media effort as EchoGo Core launched, and the results were remarkable.

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  • Earned 146 media hits in 13 months
  • Coverage in key industry media, including RAD Magazine, Clinical Services Journal, Radiology Business, Cath Lab Digest, Healthcare Business, AI in Healthcare and Radiology Business.
  • Secured five meetings with journalists at publications including Engineering and Technology, Medical Technology, Silicon Republic, Computer Weekly, and medicaldevice.com.


“I have been continually impressed by the skill and judgement of the team. They’ve created intelligent, measured profile-raising articles and releases. They’ve collaborated with us to create outstanding coverage across a range of national and industry publications. This has allowed us to evolve from a start-up to a successful business. They go above and beyond to deliver results and always have great ideas.”

Sarah Jackson, Digital Marketing Specialist at Ultromics