The rise of digital platforms has put even more emphasis on the role that design plays in PR. As a B2B PR agency, we have learned over the years that many successful campaigns rely heavily on a strategic design process. So, what are the key aspects to making design work for you? Let’s take a look at some great design examples and some key aspects to apply to your next campaign.

Make it user friendly

Create a seamless experience that does not confuse or mislead your audience. Design can influence trust so you should create elements that are visually friendly and inclusive. Also think about where your customers are and make you design geo-specific, as this will also contribute to the overall user experience. A recent example of this in action comes from AirBnB, which redesigned its visual identity by updating its illustrations of its community to portray a more diverse group of people.

Ensure it makes an emotional impact

There are two key questions to ask when measuring your PR campaign’s creative impact:

  1. How does the overall design make viewers feel?
  2. Does it enhance your campaign’s core message and objective?

Using certain design styles, images and colours can evoke emotion and raise awareness. Consider these design choices you make when building your campaign. A quirky illustrative style may bring across a friendly and youthful feel or you may opt for something more real and honest for greater impact. Metro Trains Melbourne recently launched a railway safety public service announcement ‘Dumb ways to die’ which captured the world both kids and adults alike by creating a catchy jingle and animated video to generate awareness.

Create content with a purpose

Your audience is receiving content at a rapid pace and through multiple online platforms, so you need to be extra creative to catch their attention. Netgear recently created a cool infographic on The History and Future of WIFI to help promote its products. If you are sharing results from a research campaign, an infographic could do the trick. Check out our video on How To Make An Infographic The Right Way.

Use a combination of mediums

New technologies and design mediums allow us to create campaigns that can be both visually engaging and subversive. Your company’s core values can spring to life through new ways of showcasing its visual identity and design. Engage your audience and take them on a journey where they are allowed to make up their own minds along the way. EXAMPLE Take a note from Sonos, which created a sound and visual experience to create awareness around the launch of Google assistant on Sonos, and use a combination of design mediums to create a more dynamic approach to your campaign idea.

Want to have a strategic design process for your next campaign? Contact us to find out how we can help.