Thirsty for the latest education tips and trends? Listen to a podcast. But with so many out there, where do you start?

We’ve rounded up the top education podcasts right now. And we’re giving you the inside scoop on how to pitch your big ideas and land a guest speaking spot.

The Edtech Podcast

Hosted by Sophie Bailey, this podcast is all about how tech is transforming education. She interviews education leaders, innovators, and practitioners who share the latest edtech trends and insights.

Think you’ve got unique insight on the future of edtech? Drop Sophie an email at Highlight how your topic or expertise fits. Unique perspectives are a winner.

Cult of Pedagogy

Cult of Pedagogy is hosted by Jennifer Gonzalez and it offers practical advice and strategies for teachers. Classroom management, lesson planning – you name it, she’s got you covered. Teacher’s come on to share their experiences and insights.

Fancy pitching your ideas? Reach out through their contact form. Consider hot topics in teaching right now. And share personal experiences or research findings that’ll resonate with Jen’s audience.

The TeachThought Podcast

Hosted by Drew Perkins, this podcast covers all the big educational topics. We’re talking teaching strategies, curriculum design, and edtech – it’s all on the table.

Drew speaks to educators, thought leaders and experts to explore new ideas and innovations in education.

Got a groundbreaking concept to share? Email or reach out to them on one of their social media accounts. Focus on presenting fresh and innovative ideas that’ll make educators rethink their approach to teaching. Share how your idea could be a game-changer.

Tips for Teachers

Tips for teacher’s is hosted by Craig Barton. He interviews teachers around the world and shares the highs, lows and everything in between from classroom life. From innovative teaching strategies to personal anecdotes, this podcast covers it all.

Are you a teacher with a story to share? This could be your platform.

To pitch, reach out to Craig at Highlight what other teachers could learn from your experiences. Personal anecdotes or unique teaching approaches will get his attention.


Ki Sung explores the latest brain science and learning trends in this podcast. Neuroplasticity, mindfulness in the classroom – any topics that can help teachers understand and support students better.

Reckon you’ve got expertise to share? Pitch Ki through her X account. Stick to subjects like educational psychology, cognitive science, or innovative teaching methods that boost learning.

Overall, when pitching your ideas to education podcasts, be concise, clear, and compelling. Get to know their audience and tone. Then tailor your pitch to align with their themes and what they’re about.

Don’t just list your credentials. Share specific examples and stories that’ll hook listeners in. Give them a taste of the insights you’d bring to the show.

If you follow tips like these and target the right podcasts, you’re way more likely to land a guest spot.

So, get pitching and start sharing your fresh ideas and experiences with the education community. Those podcast mics were made for you.

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Written by Jemma Morrison, Senior Communications Consultant at Definition.