Podcasts are a popular way to share valuable insights and info on topics like finance. But if you’re a PR pro looking to secure podcast appearances for your finance clients, you need to know how to pitch to them.

So, we’ve picked five of the best must-listen finance podcasts out there and pulled together sharp industry knowledge on pitching to them.

1. Money Clinic with Claer Barrett

This podcast is the go-to for millennials looking for solutions to real-life money questions from FT’s in-house money-management expert, Claer Barrett.

To pitch, the Communities Editor at the FT, Lucy Warwick-Ching is your go to contact.

Want to get noticed? Emphasise your client’s ability to give relevant advice to listeners struggling with the cost-of-living crisis. And make sure your client’s story aligns with their target audience (millennials in this case).

2. The Martin Lewis Podcast

Renowned money-saving expert Martin Lewis uses his podcast to answer listeners’ burning financial questions. This podcast is perfect for Gen Z’s entering the property market for the first time.

When pitching, consider the current financial climate. Focus on how your clients can provide valuable, practical advice on relevant subjects like high energy bills and household expenses. To get in touch, contact Martin’s press team directly at press@moneysavingexpert.com.

3. The Wallet

Hosted by author and Vestpod founder, Emilie Bellet, this podcast covers finance topics like saving, debt repayment and investing. It’s all about encouraging listeners to take charge of their financial futures.

Emilie often invites money experts, investors, and advisers as guests. When pitching to Emilie, emphasise your client’s financial expertise and ability to address listeners’ burning questions.

4. Money Box

This no-nonsense BBC podcast delivers straightforward and up-to-date info on all things UK finance.

Send your pitches to moneybox@bbc.co.uk. Stress your client’s expertise in addressing financial issues, and highlight how they can offer insights for listeners trying to make the most out of their personal finances.

5. It’s Not About the Money

A must listen for women in business, this podcast offers tips and advice for becoming more practical with money.

If your finance-focused client has women leaders and spokespeople, this podcast could be the perfect place for them to boost brand visibility, while helping listeners build financial confidence. To get in touch with Catherine Morgan, visit her website.

Being well-versed in what the top finance podcasts offer is an excellent starting point for PR pros looking for media opportunities. By investing time researching, listening to podcasts, and crafting compelling pitches, you’ll increase your client’s chances of securing valuable podcast appearances.

And ultimately, offering insightful and engaging content benefits your clients while contributing to the growth and influence of the finance podcasting industry.

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Written by Isabelle Ellerington-Holden, Public Relations Communications Assistant at Definition