At Definition, we’re always on the lookout for fresh ways to connect with our audience, whether they’re seeking health tips or professionals in the healthcare sector looking for new partnerships. Our social impact team has been scoping out the top podcasts to plug into your healthcare PR media plans for brands and organisations. Here are five you need to get on your check out:

Science Weekly – The Guardian

Our STEM PR team can’t get enough of this one. It’s a must-listen for science lovers, but it’s also packed with health-related content. During the pandemic, they were the go-to source for the science behind Covid-19.

They publish twice a week, with episodes covering diet proteins, personalised cancer vaccines, and obesity. Hosts Ian Sample, Hannah Devlin, and Sarah Boseley spearhead expert-laden deep dives.

Perfect for: those who want a sharp, scientific take on health issues. If you’re a fan of The Guardian’s punchy podcast style, you’ll be all over this.

And if you want to get featured on the podcast…

Pitch directly to the journalists Ian Sample, Hannah Devlin and Sarah Boseley with something they can’t get anywhere else – like all nationals, expert spokespeople with strong opinions are more valued than trying to shoe-horn a product or key service in.

HSJ Health Check 

This one’s from the minds behind the Health Service Journal – a must-read for healthcare leaders. Every week, their team dives into health policies and leadership discussions.

Whether you’re in the NHS or private healthcare, this one’s a must-listen. Every week, you’ll get a fix of insights that actually matter.

Perfect for: anyone looking to get to grips with policies shaping UK health decisions. It’ll also keep you looped in on all the latest NHS updates.

And if you want to get featured on the podcast…

You can send views and questions to senior correspondent Annabelle Collins, who runs the podcast, at

Zoe Science & Nutrition 

Top global scientists break down the latest in health, nutrition, and gut health research into actionable advice. Topics on the menu include dementia and menstruation, serving up regular doses of expert wisdom ideal for entities seeking credible platforms for their specialists.

Perfect for: health buffs wanting comprehensive discussions on key health topics and experts aiming to increase their visibility.

And if you want to get featured on the podcast…

Email to suggest topics, advice or to put yourself forward as an expert – but listen to the podcast first to make sure you’re a good fit.

The Healthtech Podcast

All about the intersection of health and technology, this podcast features conversations with startups and industry leaders. As an agency specialising in healthtech PR, we value the variety offered here, showcasing global innovation aimed at better health outcomes.

Perfect for: healthtech enthusiasts keen on global industry developments and those wanting to showcase innovations on a world stage.

And if you want to get featured on the podcast…

You can apply to be a guest through the online form here. Fill in your details, share some examples of you speaking and a short pitch on why you could contribute to making a great episode.

The King’s Fund Podcast

Run by The King’s Fund, a charity influencing health and social care policies, this podcast launched in 2018 focusing on transformative ideas in healthcare. With monthly episodes featuring in-house and guest experts, it’s a treasure trove for anyone looking at integrated public affairs and PR activity.

Perfect for: integrated public affairs and PR strategists eager to influence policy and anyone curious about how policy impacts healthcare experiences in the UK.

And if you want to get featured on the podcast…

You can contribute to their current series on the general election by submitting questions to or by getting involved on their social channels: @TheKingsFund, LinkedIn.

So, whether you’re moulding the future of public health policy or simply keen to stay informed, plug into these podcasts and turn insights into action.

Rebecca Jackson Screen

Written by Rebecca Jackson, Senior Client Service Director at Definition