Facebook can sometimes feel like a forgotten platform when it comes to B2B marketing. It’s often seen as a playground exclusive to consumer-facing companies but B2B companies are increasingly taking note. Facebook has a solid user base and decent data analytics to dive into, making it a platform worthwhile for any B2B marketer’s digital strategy. Some of the best B2B Facebook ads can produce worthwhile leads and results.


However, any B2B company looking at Facebook wants to make sure that their ad is one of the best B2B Facebook ads. Here are our recommendations to make sure your ad does its job.


Have little or no text on the image

Facebook will not show your ad if the image has too much text overlaying the image. Facebook says that ads perform better if text takes up less than 20% of the image, so use that as the basic ratio guide.


Be bold but simple

Make your ad stand out from the rest by thinking about what colours to use – do you want to blend in with the Facebook blue/grey colour palette or stand out? The last thing you want to do is confuse your audience, so keep your ad simple and to the point so that they know exactly what you have to offer them.


Have a call to action

Your call to action – the ending message that you’re sending your viewers so that they know what you would like them to do next – compliments the point above. Make your offering clear, so your audience knows exactly what they’re going to get by clicking on your ad.


Keep your branding consistent

It’s important to be consistent with companies’ branding, no matter what platform you’re using. You want people to remember your brand and the great ads that you run. Include your logo, font and colour scheme wherever possible.


Don’t use stock imagery

This looks like you haven’t put much thought into your ads – take images yourself – this is great for sticking to your branding too!


Use video

This doesn’t mean stick any video in your ad, videos must be filmed on a proper camera and be relevant to what is being advertised. And remember that you need to get viewers engaged from the start – your video should only be 30 seconds long


Think about the destination

Your ad doesn’t stop at the design – you need to make sure the destination that they’re clicking through is also up to scratch. Make sure you take your audience to a bold and tidy landing page that outlines exactly what is being offered to them and use the same wording and imagery from the Facebook ad where possible.


Data capture

Do you want to get peoples’ email addresses? If so, don’t forget to include a form! Make sure the form includes all information above the page fold, don’t ask for too much from your audience and keep word count low – don’t bore your potential customer/client before they’ve even had a chance to fill in the contact form. Include a clear call to action, remove menu options so they can’t easily navigate away from the landing page and include your own contact details on the page, too.


B2B Facebook ads can be done. Overall, the best B2B Facebook ads are clear and concise with strong branding and simple to navigate calls to action.


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