How we helped Social Enterprise UK and eBay for Change grow their memberships by 150%

Social Enterprise UK (SEUK) is one of the UK’s leading member networks for businesses that operate for social good. They help social enterprises get the skills and tools they need to set up and scale up.

eBay for Change is one such tool. Working in partnership with SEUK, eBay for Change is a programme that aims to support social entrepreneurs to scale up and creates jobs in marginalised and vulnerable communities by supporting the growth of the social enterprise sector.

Our role was to reach retail-based social enterprises and show how the programme could help them further their mission and grow their business. Specifically, we needed to drive sign-ups for a webinar, which would be the measure of success.

What we did

This wasn’t a simple task, in large part because many social enterprises in the retail space still don’t know much about e-commerce and eBay for Change. We came at the challenge from several angles, developing a considered social media and content strategy to lead our activity. Here’s what we did:

  1. Made existing case studies work harder, creating video and graphics to demo the results of working with SEUK and eBay for Change through bitesize and easily digestible content
  2. Executed a paid social campaign to get this content in front of new audiences, utilising brand awareness and website traffic tactics to drive more sign-ups for webinars and membership recruitment
  3. Generated visibility and credibility for SEUK through a PR campaign with thought leadership at its heart, promoting the organisation’s annual Transitions Report which is all about switching from traditional business to a social enterprise model


Following our campaign, eBay for Change saw a 150% increase in members and the best attendance to date for their webinar, which helped them recruit new social enterprises. A significant chunk of new members were businesses that hadn’t worked with SEUK before.

Our content also spread far and wide, generating over 3.6 million impressions in just three months. We optimised our ads to score a well above average click-through rate (0.61% compared to the B2B industry benchmark of 0.46%) and at a distinctly below average cost per impression, and the lower this metric is, the bigger bang for your buck – result!

“In what was a short-term campaign, Definition’s support was invaluable in supporting our team to secure new participants in the eBay for Change programme. The team’s expertise across PR, social media and SEO enabled us to communicate our key messages to target audiences and ultimately deliver quality leads, whilst giving us the knowledge and tools to continue the work moving forward.”

Joanna Fianu, Project Lead at SEUK