Making an impact in a new market

Clio is committed to transforming the legal sector, building client-focused tech solutions that help ensure anyone, anywhere has access to justice. In a continuously growing tech-sector with new entrants arriving every day, Clio was looking to stand out and deliver on its mission to the legal sector.

Getting to the heart of the issue

After being engaged by Clio in 2022 to help it target smaller law firms in the UK, Definition embarked on a discovery session to understand where and how Clio can make a difference in the challenges legal practitioners are facing. This was about uncovering the ways technology can help improve work-life balance and unlock opportunities to spend more time with clients. Definition had to find ways to translate the benefits of Clio to the legal community, without simply trying to sell the capabilities of the Clio platform.

Clio is well known for its annual Legal Trends report but Definition worked with the team in UK&I to undertake some independent research that examined the true work-life balance lawyers and solicitors have, as well as finding out what is preventing them from spending more time on client work. The results led to a wide-ranging media relations campaign: headline results were shared with target national and legal media and thought-leadership articles explaining the results of the research in depth were secured.

Adapting and changing

Following the success of the research, Definition worked with the Clio team again to look at how outdated methods of payment and use of complicated paper systems could delay access to justice.  Going back out to the market to gather thoughts and opinions led to a second wave of insights that were shared with media and potential customers. The results helped Clio launch its unique payments function to the market in a creative way and again linked the business with an important issue the sector was facing. Media coverage was achieved across top legal and business publications.


The one research campaign Definition undertook for Clio resulted in more than 12 pieces of standout coverage for Clio, placing the business directly in front of the target audience and unlocking conversations with new customers.

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