One of a school’s most vital responsibilities is student safeguarding – the responsibility that schools have to track concerns about students so that they can get help. Teachers are the first line of defence against abuse, mental health issues, radicalisation, and a host of other issues, but as the lockdown began, systems weren’t in place to fulfil their safeguarding duties remotely. While schools remained open for at-risk students, attendance numbers were around five percent, and in some parts of England child protection referrals dropped by half.

Leading EdTech company Impero wanted to raise awareness of its free, online safeguarding software, to help teachers effectively safeguard the children in their care while schools were closed, and to prepare for schools reopening.

Impero was giving something away that could potentially play a role in protecting children from harm, so we put all of our creative energy and expertise as a B2B PR agency into getting the message out.

Impero needed to:

  • Highlight the challenges of safeguarding during the pandemic
  • Be positioned as an authority on the issue of safeguarding children

Our Strategy:

To make Impero the software provider synonymous with safeguarding, we:

  • Commissioned research with teachers to understand how Covid-19 had impacted on their safeguarding policies.
  • Compiled a panel of influencers and experts, including a Chief Constable, to join a virtual roundtable, and share their insights.
  • Invited a selection of top tier education journalists to listen to the panel and pose their questions.
  • Produced a video recording of the panel, promoted via an e-shot and social media.


  • Eight top tier journalists attended, including reporters from The Times, The Telegraph, Mail Online and TES Magazine.
  • Resulting coverage in TES and further opportunities with The Telegraph.
  • 50 new leads at the time of writing
  • Shorter video clips used across social channels, where one post had 1,717 impressions with 163 total engagements on Twitter and 687 impressions on LinkedIn, with 180 total engagements.

Impero’s pledge to keep the software free forever means that schools will be able to continue to track student wellbeing as schools return, and we’re proud to have played a role in getting the word out.

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