The proliferation of technology has dramatically changed the way we communicate and receive information. We are no longer restricted to local news and traditional forms of media – we can access information from any corner of the globe in a matter of seconds. What’s more, our ability to reach customers is no longer curtailed by geography, enabling businesses to target new audiences further afield.


To survive and thrive in this new world of work, marketing and communications teams need to constantly adapt and evolve their PR campaigns to fit the globalised business landscape in which they now operate. The potential problem many companies face is that by developing global campaigns, they lose the personal touch that successfully converts sales and builds long-term customer loyalty.


So how can your company, operating in a B2B marketplace, reconcile the shift away from a ‘one-to-many’ approach with the ability to deliver well planned, coordinated global PR campaigns that still resonate at the individual level? As a B2B PR agency with global reach, we have helped our clients run successful PR campaigns at home and abroad.


PR strategy in a connected world


In our experience, most growing businesses need to think globally and therefore, require their communications to be globally focused. There are two main models involved in organising international B2B campaigns: centralised and decentralised. Neither model is more correct than the other. Your choice of model depends on your company’s structure, preferences and objectives.


A centralised global PR campaign is run directly from the head office, coordinating closely with the lead agency. The team develops an umbrella strategy that is controlled by the centre but which translates into uniform programmes that are executed locally.


A decentralised global PR campaign is much more geared for local market situations and needs. The umbrella strategy shapes country programmes, allowing for local adjustments. There is light control from the head office and the lead agency provides arms-length coordination.


It is important to find the right balance in your messaging. Employing a strong centralised strategy that communicates the core values of your message, while at the same time adapting areas to suit regional audiences, is key.


The global age


The benefits of global expansion for businesses are obvious – and in many respects, impossible to ignore. The digital age has broken down physical barriers, pushing businesses beyond their comfort zones and reap rewards. A dedicated global team implementing a global communications strategy places your business in a strong position to connect with the global market. Ensuring they can apply the strategy authentically across regions is critical to your success.


The PR team is proficient in developing strategies for a connected world, running multi-country campaigns, planning global communications programmes and creating consistently compelling content.


To find out more about how we can help you run a successful global PR campaign, contact our directors today.