Blue force tracking

Global satellite tracking business Track24 offers industry-leading hardware and software for tracking personnel, vehicles, aircraft and maritime vessels.

As Track24 prepared to launch its defence sector offering, the leadership team found themselves up against established and experienced military tech giants: BAE, Harris, Viasat etc. Track24 approached Definition’s tech PR team with a remit of taking on these major competitors with a fraction of the budget.

Definition’s transport PR team first helped Track24 define a value proposition before developing messaging, collateral and web copy.

A dedicated public relations programme featuring a former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO, General Sir Rupert Smith, was also launched, targeted at the international defence community via the UK national press and tier one defence titles.

Simultaneously our video team developed a highly-polished and impactful explainer video, quickly and succinctly demonstrating the Situational Command and Control technology pioneered by Track24 Defence.

The PR programme included interviews with key defence sector journalists, informative opinion pieces on contemporary issues, and media releases announcing product updates and contract wins.

The campaign’s results were outstanding. Within a year, Track24’s defence offering had earned 70 pieces of positive coverage across the core defence sector media including Jane’s Defence Weekly, Digital Battlespace,, Strategic Defence Intelligence, Global Military, and more.

We promoted conference attendance and increased awareness within the global defence community, which served to support sales efforts. Within months, Track24 had secured its first contract with a national defence department.


  • Earned a contract with a national defence department
  • Over 70 pieces of positive coverage
  • Placed articles in leading industry publications


“I am not sure we could have launched this product successfully to the defence market without the PR and messaging support provided by Definition. Their B2B PR expertise is second to none, and they really demonstrated an ability to understand this very complex industry and help us define our positioning. Within weeks of appointing Definition we were being featured alongside billion-dollar companies in the core defence and technology media. This went a long way towards establishing our credibility in the sector, enabling us to successfully start selling to governments across the globe.”

Giles Peeters, Track24 Defence, Managing Director

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