Access Self Storage

Generating links for local SEO

Access Self Storage provides personal and business storage solutions to customers across the UK. With more than 50 stores nationwide, they were keen to build links and leverage the power of local SEO to boost their position in the search results.

Access reached out to us to develop a strategy for generating high-quality followed links and brand mentions from local news sites across the country. Our SEO team developed a PR-led link-building campaign in which we filed Freedom of Information Act requests about parking fines with local authorities. On behalf of Access, we contacted 429 authorities and received 250 responses. We crunched the data and our team got to work pitching the story to the media.


We found that over three million parking tickets, cumulatively costing more than £100 million, had been issued by local authorities – and the media loved the story. It was covered over 70 times, with the vast majority of stories providing followed links to Access.

These links have gone a long way towards boosting the company’s organic search results. The project saw Access ranking first nationally for the extremely competitive keyword “self storage” – which gets over 27,000 searches a month – for the first time ever.

  • 250 responses from local authorities
  • 68 followed links from local news sites…
  • Ranked #1 for ‘self storage’ in UK
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