Part of what makes our approach to finance, business and fintech PR effective, is matching each story with the right journalist and publication. To that end, our media relations team leaped at the opportunity to hear directly from the editor-in-chief of Bonhill Group, Julian Marr, about the publications under his supervision.

Here’s everything you need to know about pitching these finance publications, straight from the editor-in-chief.

ESG Clarity

As the name suggests, ESG Clarity is the go-to publication for readers interested in investing with an eye to environmental, social and governance considerations. Julian says that the publication is designed to present a “green lens” through which other Bonhill products can be viewed, and that most readers are financial advisers, analysts or fund selectors.

If you’re looking to get in touch with ESG Clarity, contact its global head of ESG insight, Natalie Kenway; global deputy editor, Natasha Turner; research editor Christine Dawson; and – for US-centric coverage – the US News Editor, Emile Hallez. Email pitches are welcomed, but phone calls and follow-up emails are not.

ESG Clarity sends out a newsletter every morning across Europe, as well as weekly newsletters in the US and Asia. Pitches for newsletter content should come through the day before publication, Julian adds. The publication also releases an e-magazine every two months. It’s centred around a theme and a forward features list is available – for access, PR teams can email Natalie or Natasha.

Julian finds that the best ESG content finds a common language to discuss these important topics and the most effective ways of measuring progress. He believes that ESG, an offshoot of ethical investing, will grow to dominate the corporate world within this decade.

Expert Investor

Targeted at continental Europe, Expert Investor seeks to provide alternative perspectives to its audience of wholesale and institutional fund selectors, asset allocators, and portfolio constructors.

The magazine breaks coverage of Europe into four sections: the Nordics; Germany, Austria, and Switzerland; France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands; and the Mediterranean, including Italy and Spain. This makes it an ideal target for PR promoting national and international businesses on the continent.

Expert Investor puts out one newsletter each week on a Thursday, and PR inquiries need to come in at least 24 hours in advance. The person to contact is Bonhill Group editor Kirstin Hastings, who may put you in touch with the small team of freelancers, such as Pete Carvill, who do much of the writing.

Fund Selector Asia

Asia’s counterpart to Expert Investor, Fund Selector Asia, also appeals to those building portfolios for clients. This audience includes people specialising in funds and fund management, so stories centre on fund news, industry trends, people moving, ESG and regulation – although Julian specifies that ESG stories should be sent to ESG Clarity first.

The daily newsletter’s geographic focus is primarily on Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia. As of today, Rupert Walker is the editor, but he is due to leave shortly. He will be temporarily replaced by freelancer Andrew Crooke until a new permanent member joins. In the interim, the person to email is reporter Michelle Ng.

International Adviser

Financial advisors in major markets in East Asia, parts of Europe, South Africa, and South America rely on International Adviser’s twice-daily newsletters. Stories cover everything from running a business effectively to developments in regulations, tax, retirement advice, health insurance, and more.

The first step to getting published in International Advisor is to email news editor Robbie Lawther or senior news reporter Cristian Angeloni with a pitch. They hold meetings first thing in the morning, but Julian notes that they prefer to have a grasp on stories the day before the story goes live.

Portfolio Adviser

For wealth managers, discretionary portfolio managers, private bankers and advisers specialising in investments across the UK and Channel Islands, Bonhill offers Portfolio Adviser.

The publication offers a twice daily newsletter – released early in the morning and around lunch – and a monthly magazine which goes to press in the first week of each month. To place content, PR people should email group editor Kirsten Hastings or news editor Kristen McGachey. The team is looking to expand and is currently seeking two additional reporters.

Portfolio Adviser regularly cover products, regulations, companies, investment trusts, equities, and funds, and the team welcomes pitches on these topics. Pitches for the newsletter should come through the day before, and conversations about content for the magazine need to start in the middle of the month before. There’s no forward feature list and op-eds are welcome, but they need to take an interesting stance rather than simply promote a client.

Investment Strategy

For US-based financial advisors, there’s Investment Strategy, a newsletter released every Sunday. The editor, Rory Palmer, accepts pitches by email, and says that they need to come in by Friday for a chance of being covered in that weekend’s newsletter. Topics addressed in Investment Strategy include macro-economic trends, investment ideas, and op-eds with a US-adviser audience in mind.

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Written by: Katie Chodosh, media relations director and Jasmin Martin, media relations executive, at Definition.